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How CANSO is supporting seamless operations and ATM skills in Africa

Thomas Kodjoe Duopah, Deputy Director, Air Traffic Services, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority shares his experience of CANSO Africa Conference 2019. Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has been a member of CANSO for some time but last week …



CANSO Director General remarks at the CANSO Africa Conference 2019

Welcome Hello and welcome to the CANSO Africa Conference 2019. I am Simon Hocquard, the new Director General of CANSO, and it is an absolute pleasure to welcome you here in Dar es Salam. I am delighted to welcome the Hon. …



Airspace Q3 2019: Key challenges in African ATM

Hamza Johari, CANSO Africa Chair and Director General, Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, outlines key ATM issues and initiatives in Africa. Aviation provides connectivity, access to markets and contributes to significant economic and social benefits. The latest (2018) economic report by …



Airspace Q3 2019 – Moving to the same rhythm

Emanuel Chaves, Chairman and CEO of Aeroportos de Moçambique (ADM), explains recovery efforts following a devastating cyclone and the need for harmonisation. How have the cyclones affected your infrastructure? The cyclones that occurred in Mozambique earlier this year severely …



CANSO and ICAO champion ASBU implementation in Africa

Boni Dibate, CANSO Director Africa Affairs, explains CANSO’s collaborative approach to improving regional ATM performance. CANSO is helping to improve ATM performance by strengthening its partnerships with aviation industry organisations in Africa. CANSO recently held a joint Aviation System …


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