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What I’m looking forward to at Airspace World

We’re now just six weeks away from Airspace World and I’m excited to share with you the things I am most looking forward to about THE global Air Traffic Management event in the calendar. First and foremost, I …



In conversation: – Ricardo Torres Muela, Director General, SENEAM

CANSO’s Director Latin America and Caribbean Affairs, Javier Vanegas, spoke recently to the Director General of SENEAM, Mexico’s ANSP, in the tower at Felipe Angeles Airport, Mexico City’s newest airport, which opened in March 2022. Their wide-ranging conversation …



Increasing Human Performance

The Human Performance Management Workgroup (HPM WG), part of CANSO’s Safety Programme, has been hard at work in 2022 getting back to the business of enhancing, promoting, and supporting human performance and human factors work around the world. This has …



Life beyond Covid for Asia Pacific’s Aviation industry: Think Global, Collaborate Regional, Accomplish Local

Last week, Alex Rickards and I had the pleasure of attending the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference in Goa, India under the banner of ‘Think Global, Collaborate Regional, Accomplish Local.’ Firstly, it was fantastic to see so many influential …



CANSO at the 41st ICAO Assembly – our final reflections

The second week of the ICAO 41st Assembly started with adjustments to the schedule to allow for more discussions in the Executive Committee as they were far behind in their deliberations. Evening sessions were added each day to make sure …



A message from Simon: Shaking hands on success

At CANSO, we have recently held our first in-person event for two years – our CANSO Africa Conference 2022 – and we are looking forward to two more in Asia Pacific and Latin America and Caribbean. Being …


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