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CANSO at the 41st ICAO Assembly – week one reflections

In his second blog from Montreal, Nico Voorbach, Director ICAO Affairs, CANSO, reflects on the first week of the 41st ICAO Assembly. On Tuesday 27 September the 41st ICAO Assembly started in Montreal with the participation of more then 2500 participants in …



CANSO at the ICAO 41st Assembly

On 27 September the 41st ICAO Triennial Assembly will start in Montreal under the theme ‘Reconnecting the World’. CANSO will be represented during the Assembly by its Director General, Simon Hocquard together with Michelle Bishop, Nico Voorbach, Bill Middleswart, Scott Leis …



Why UNICEF and CANSO are joining forces to support drone pilot training in Africa

Across the African continent, organisations successfully use drones to improve agricultural yields, reduce the risk of disasters and to deliver life-saving cargo. As drones become more common, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) have an urgent need to ensure the safety …



Exploring long-range air traffic flow management

Matt Shepherd CF, CANSO ATFM/A-CDM Workgroup expert, and Managing Director at To70 Aviation Australia, discusses the concept of long-range air traffic flow management and the way in which it can be integrated with already established ATFM elements. With the …



Think creatively, think fast

Alex Bristol, CEO skyguide, says air navigation service providers must recognise how much the industry will change. What does good UTM look like and should ANSPs be getting involved in drone airspace? There was a lot of hype to start …



Space regulations must be harmonised

A flexible approach to airspace management is needed to accommodate increasing commercial space operations. Not so long ago, rocket launches were an exception and were treated as such by air navigation service providers (ANSPs). But commercial space launches – whether it …


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