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Clearing the air on contrails

On November 7 and 8, CANSO co-hosted with EUROCONTROL the Sustainable Skies Conference: Contrails in Focus. The event brought together scientific research and academic organisations, technology suppliers, aircraft manufacturers, the fuels industry, ANSPs, airlines, pilots, government agencies and NGOs active in the …



Kung Fu ATM: from Beijing dialogue to workgroups in Nanjing

Kung Fu is often taken to mean martial arts.  However, the literal translation of Kung Fu refers to any discipline or skill that requires hard work, patience, and dedication to master.  This description could not be more apt …



Improving your Human Performance Management (HPM) maturity

Human Performance Management (HPM) maturity is a measure of an ANSP’s ability to enable the delivery of safe and effective human performance (HP) by their front-line staff—not only ATCOs, but also ATSEP, Flight Data Operators, and operational and …



The Road to Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) in the Asia Pacific

Several ANSPs in the Asia Pacific, IATA, and CANSO are signing a Letter of Intent in Singapore for a TBO pathfinder project.  This reminded me of how the region first embarked on the collaborative multi-nodal ATFM concept.  TBO …


Airspace World Today

Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM): Shaping the Air Mobility of the Future

The future of air mobility will be unveiled at Airspace World 2024, in Geneva from 19 to 21 March when the Urban Air Mobility-UAM- Initiative Cities Community, known as UIC2, and CANSO partner to introduce the Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) thematic …



An interview with EANA S.E.’s CEO, Gabriela Logatto

In this exclusive conversation with CANSO’s Director, Latin America and Caribbean Affairs, Javier Vanegas, talks to Gabriela Logatto, CEO of Argentina’s ANSP, EANA S.E. In a wide ranging conversation (subtitled in English), Gabriela explains how, in her …


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