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Blockchain: it’s not just for cryptocurrency any more

When the CANSO Strategic Technology Work Group decided to examine emerging technologies in a series of whitepapers, including Blockchain in that list seemed logical. It is a technology with many potential uses, and yet little about it is well understood, …



The value of Human Factors Integration in ATM change

Egis’ Head of Human Factors, Aviation, Dr  Simone Rozzi discusses the trade-off between short term cost and time benefits versus  human performance ‘debts’ in ATM change projects. Tight deadlines and other pressures mean that it is very easy for programme …



What does the data say about ANSPs’ resilience through the pandemic?

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic caused a collapse of traffic volumes due to state-imposed travel restrictions. Air traffic reached a low point in some regions of as much as 10 percent of 2019 volumes.  This posed significant challenges for global aviation and …



A message from Simon – Virtualisation marks the progress of ATM

First, the conflict in Ukraine and ensuing humanitarian crisis is shocking and saddening. My thoughts are with the people and our industry colleagues in the country and surrounding areas. For air navigation service providers (ANSPs), the developments and our responses …



Important meetings in 2022

It is going to be a pivotal year for aviation. In the next 12 months, several crucial meetings will discuss topics that not only affect the industry’s recovery but also pave the way towards a sustainable future. Top of the …



Sustainability through tried and trusted methods

Air navigation service providers (ANSPs) have a big role to play in helping aviation reach its ambitious net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050. Often, new technologies are touted as the primary source of hope. New systems offer a variety of opportunities …


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