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Asia Pacific: ATM recovery goes beyond the visual

Martin Chaloupek, Managing Director Frequentis Singapore, draws our attention to the modernisation of the ATM system and explains what is needed for ATM recovery in Asia Pacific. The Asia-Pacific region was hit first, and exceptionally hard, by the pandemic, with …



Helping secure journeys whatever the weather

Shayne Campbell, CANSO Safety Programme Manager, talks about the importance of enhancing runway safety in an ever-changing world. For many in the northern hemisphere, summer solstice represents some of the best days of the year with regards to weather. Clear, …



The time for IP in air traffic comms has landed

Mervyn Harris, Head of Air Traffic Management and Space at Nokia, explores the critical need to upgrade ANSP communications networks. There is a critical need to upgrade ANSP communications networks as current technology has reached its end of life and …



CEO Series: Yahya Al Hammadi, GANS (video)

View the full CANSO mini-series featuring short conversations with industry key players across the globe here. In these 10-minute sessions, CEOs offer insight into the current challenges and changes they face, and the potential solutions, strategies and requirements from …



Maintaining safety focus during the COVID-19 pandemic

Patrick Gontar, Head of Safety Intelligence at DFS, Katharina-Maria Kalina BSc, MSc, IMS Risk & Performance Manager at Austro Control, and Dr. Ioana Koglbauer, Human Factors Expert, Safety Management Unit at IAA, explore a collaborative safety initiative addressing human factors …



Powering regional partnerships via virtual connections from Papua New Guinea

Captain Ted Pakii, NiuSky Pacific’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is excited to host the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference for the first time in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and livestream worldwide, on 19 and 20 May 2021. I warmly …


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