Regional Focus: Managing ATM operations safely post COVID-19 in Africa

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The past year has presented many challenges for the aviation industry worldwide. COVID-19 created a complex scenario for the aviation industry, including air navigation service providers (ANSPs), who now manage the essential task of ensuring the safe, orderly flow of air traffic while managing the impact of the pandemic on their own operations.

Many States imposed travel restrictions on citizens, and organisations, institutions and companies then implemented measures to protect their staff and stakeholders – including those who provide or support the delivery of air navigation services.  

With average daily movements in Africa still only half of pre-pandemic levels, the region’s aviation industry is working hard to navigate through key efficient and safe measures and vital collaboration with other industry players.

As COVID-19 continues, air traffic volumes have declined due to a reduction in passenger demand and the implementation of travel restrictions. ANSPs are assessing the changing traffic forecasts to ensure the provision of safe and optimal air navigation services (ANS). Based on forecasts, some ANSPs in several regions are expecting a further, short-term air traffic demand decrease due to additional measures enacted to manage the spread of the virus.

However, when travel restrictions do begin to lift and traffic volumes begin to grow, ANSPs must be ready to provide a safe and efficient service in what is likely to be a unique demand environment with variable traffic levels.

When there is growth in traffic over the coming months, that could introduce safety risks and an inefficient operational environment that we need to plan for.

To support its Members in that work, CANSO has collected best practices and approaches to the current issues to help navigate these uncertain times.

This webinar was aimed at helping ANSPs develop ATM recovery plans that will allow them to manage this rapidly changing  environment.

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24 June 2021 @ 12:00 to 14:30 CEST



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