Vision for the skies of 2045

As we enter a new era for aviation and aerospace, it feels like a critical moment to shape the systems, principles and architectures of the future. To this point, each sector of the aviation industry has been working on its own agenda.

The Complete Air Traffic System Global Council was launched by CANSO to drive the next era of aviation and forge a more adaptable, resilient industry. To explore, imagine and shape a shared vision for how our global skies can innovate and interoperate safely in the future. To show the way and go the way, enabling all aviation and aerospace players to learn, evolve and advance so that they are fit for this exciting future.

Over 60 organisations now form part of the CATS Global Council including Iata, Boeing, Thales, Airbus, NASA, and Altitude Angel.

In October 2021, the CATS Global Council launched its vision for the skies of 2045 – the first cross-industry aligned upon vision for our future skies.

Since the beginning of 2022, the Complete Air Traffic System (CATS) Technical Committee has been building the roadmap which will allow it to deliver its vision for the skies of 2045.

That roadmap will be launched at CANSO’s Executive Summit on Monday 20 June, in Madrid, Spain. It details all the steps aviation’s various industries and stakeholders need to take to reach that vision.

You can download the roadmap by clicking the image (right-click and choose ‘save link as’).

CATS Global Council Roadmap

About the CATS Global Council
The CATS Global Council is an independent innovation forum, initiated by CANSO, to facilitate greater collaboration among leaders across the aviation and aerospace industries: ANSPs, UTM service providers, aircraft manufacturers, drone operators and manufacturers, high-tech companies, airlines, airports, regulatory authorities, space agencies and research bodies.