Indra set to implement the most advanced aeronautical information management system on the market in Tanzania


The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) has entrusted Indra with a key project to enhance aviation safety and sustainability in the country and on the rest of the continent. The company will implement one of the most advanced aeronautical information management (AIM) systems in existence to provide airlines and controllers with reliable, updated and high-quality aeronautical data and enable them to plan and manage flights much more efficiently.

Passenger aircraft on the clouds background. Daybreak flight in stratosphere. Pastel colored image.

As global air traffic has increased and become more complex, the number of alerts and aeronautical bulletins published on paper by all kinds of entities, from airports and weather services to air forces and navigation service providers, has expanded to such an extent that it’s now virtually impossible for a pilot to read them all. This poses a safety risk and means that the pre-flight planning isn’t as accurate as it should be, leading to the making of en-route corrections that consume both time and fuel.

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