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Welcome to this 60th issue of Airspace Magazine.

In case you missed your free hard copy distributed at Airspace World, here is a digital version of our 60th edition.

With a big focus on Artificial Intelligence, this issue explores how AI and technology will transform our industry. 

Dr Mark Esposito, in an exclusive interview, talks about the fourth industrial revolution and explains that even if it will affect the way air navigation service providers (ANSPs) operate, humans are irreplaceable.

We also dive deep into the hot topic of spaced-based services and surveillance data in an interview with Don Thoma, CEO of Aireon, and an article from Startical, the company created by ENAIRE and Indra.

Also, Captain Norazman Bin Mahmud, CEO, Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) and CANSO Executive Committee Member at Large, addresses the high-level challenges facing air traffic management.

Finally, just like in every issue we dive deep into the topics of Sustainability, Safety and Advanced Air Mobility – looking at the latest updates from the CATS Global Council. 

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Preparing for Industry 4.0 principles

Dr Mark Esposito tells Graham Newton that even though the fourth industrial revolution will affect air navigation service providers, humans are irreplaceable.

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The road to space-based services

Startical, the company created by ENAIRE and Indra to develop a constellation exclusively designed for ATM and dedicated to providing communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) services, will be able to use the aeronautical frequency band, whose exploitation from space has been authorised to provide VHF communications services (voice and data).

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2024: Uncrewed operations have arrived!

Chris Clark, InterUSS Platform Programme Manager, Linux Foundation says trust is essential to harmonising strategic conflict detection.

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