Work programmes

CANSO operates three work programmes, each focusing on a specific area of ATM. Our programmes provide an objective environment for members to discuss and develop best practice, guidance and policies that drive operational efficiency and solve business problems in an open, timely and predictable manner.


The Safety Programme works to improve safety performance in ATM operations, further enhance safety management and safety culture among CANSO Members and provide global leadership on safety management issues. ANSPs and the industry collaborate on best practices and benchmarking.


The Operations Programme provides leadership on ATM operational issues and facilitates the promotion and exchange of industry best practice in operations and technical areas. It provides operational leadership in the implementation of ATM improvements and identifies future technologies and procedures that will help transform global ATM performance.

Strategy and Integration

Through the Strategy and Integration Programme, CANSO Members develop common positions on key issues affecting the ATM industry. The Strategy and Integration Programme also assesses economic issues and other trends affecting the industry and creates tools and guidance materials in governance, human resources, and management to help ANSPs become more customer-focused, better performing organisations.

ICAO Affairs

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations, which sets the standards and recommended practices that foster the safe and orderly development of civil aviation. CANSO has official observer status at ICAO, which enables CANSO to provide a strong voice for the ATM industry.