Our industry

Aviation plays a crucial role in today’s society – it boosts economic activity, enhances connectivity and enables access to markets and tourism.

Aviation supports 65.5 million jobs globally and $2.7 trillion in economic activity

Aviation provides a $707.4 billion direct contribution to world GDP

In 2036 aviation is forecast to contribute $1.5 trillion to world GDP

The aviation industry comprises airlines, airports and air traffic management, who work together alongside governments and policy makers to deliver safe and seamless air transport worldwide.

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Air traffic management

While airlines transport passengers and goods, and airports provide vital transit hubs, the air traffic management industry enables the safe navigation of all airborne vehicles both on the ground and in the air.

Air traffic management (ATM) encompasses the people and systems that help aircraft, drones and space-bound vehicles travel safely and efficiently through our skies.

Air traffic controllers help to manage aircraft arrivals and departures at airports, while a network of radar, satellites and technologies track flights and safely separate flightpaths, and ensure the most efficient trajectories and routes are used.

There are also engineers and support teams that maintain smooth operations, safety experts that ensure the skies are secure, and analysts that continually assess capacity, environmental performance and routes. The air traffic management industry therefore provides vital infrastructure and services for the aviation industry, the traveling public and supply chains, and new and emerging forms of airborne mobility.

The ATM industry handled 38 million air traffic movements in 2018

The ATM industry ensured safe and efficient air transport for 4.3 billion passengers worldwide in 2018

The ATM industry provides 220,000 jobs across in 2018

The ATM industry is committed to reducing net aviation carbon emissions by 50%* by 2050

*from 2005 figures


CANSO is the industry association for air traffic management (ATM). Our members support almost 90 per cent of the world’s air traffic and our mission is to improve ATM performance. We provide the platforms that bring the world’s air navigation service providers, industry suppliers and ATM specialists together with governments, regulators, and key stakeholders to share knowledge, develop best practice, and shape the future of a safe and seamless airspace.

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