Regional Focus: CANSO-Metron Aviation Partnership to Optimise Air Traffic Recovery in Africa

This webinar will provide ANSPs with a detailed explanation of the Metron Aviation air traffic demand prediction tool, Horizon, which will be provided free of charge to interested ANSPs under the new CANSO-Metron Aviation partnership.

Horizon is a web-based application that provides demand prediction for arriving, departing and en-route traffic. It integrates flight plan and ATS message data from ANSPs with other data such as marketing schedules and global surveillance data to offer strategic, pre-tactical and tactical demand predictions. Horizon will be hosted at a regional level and the merged data will be viewable by participating ANSPs through secure authorised credentials.

Air traffic today is less than half of what it was three months ago due to flight restrictions arising from COVID-19. As travel restrictions begin to be lifted and air traffic recovers, traffic volumes and patterns will be less predictable than normal, making it difficult for ANSPs to manage traffic flows and ensure they are appropriately resourced.

The CANSO/Metron collaboration will help enhance situational awareness of ANSPs and improve predictability of traffic demand especially in a period of uncertainty during the restart and recovery of aviation in our region.


  • Mr. Stuart Ratcliffe, Business Development Director and SME ATFM/CDM, Metron Aviation

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30 June 2020



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