A message from Simon – Marching confidently into a bright future


Last year was an incredible year for aviation! In most countries, the industry restart has exceeded expectations. Demand for safe, efficient air travel is as strong as ever. Yes, this has brought its challenges, but I prefer to look at it as a positive and a reminder that we work in a vibrant, exciting industry that is integral to the social and economic development of the modern world.

In late 2022, CANSO launched its Guide to GreenATM Accreditation. This new step-by-step programme tells an air navigation service provider (ANSP) everything it needs to know to improve environmental performance. A number of ANSPs have already started the accreditation process. Check out our Guide to GreenATM.

In 2022, we also made great progress on our Complete Air Traffic System (CATS) vision and roadmap. There are now more than 70 organisations – including representatives from the drone and space sectors – feeding into our efforts to achieve seamless airspace. We know what we need to achieve and in 2023 we will be rolling up our sleeves and working together to deliver on our targets. Keep watching this space because there are game-changing times ahead!

The CATS vision and roadmap highlight the value of collaboration and 2022 stands out for me as a year when the truth of this really hit home. We see collaboration in the CATS Global Council, it ensured an agreement on the Long-Term Aspirational Goal at the 41st ICAO Assembly and it facilitates everyday workgroup efforts on a variety of subjects.

True collaboration may require us to give up our organisational or even industry interests for the good of the whole. It may even require us to freely share data. We all know we could improve efficiency tomorrow if we changed our mindset about data and ownership issues. So, maybe it’s time to do exactly that.

Another 2022 highlight for me was the return of our in-person conferences. After three years apart, it was so good to shake hands with colleagues from across the world and discuss the issues that will drive air traffic management (ATM) forward. The buzz at these events was incredible.

And speaking of events that have fired your imagination, don’t forget Airspace World is coming to Geneva 8-10 March, 2023. You can read the details in this article but let me just say that we have been thrilled by your response. We already have as much floorspace allocated as our last World ATM Congress and delegates are signing up in big numbers.

It was important that we took control of the event to provide even more value to CANSO’s Members. Expect rich content, great exhibitors and thousands of smiling faces as we fly ATM into a bright future.

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