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An interview with EANA S.E.’s CEO, Gabriela Logatto

In this exclusive conversation with CANSO’s Director, Latin America and Caribbean Affairs, Javier Vanegas, talks to Gabriela Logatto, CEO of Argentina’s ANSP, EANA S.E. In a wide ranging conversation (subtitled in English), Gabriela explains how, in her …



In conversation: – Ricardo Torres Muela, Director General, SENEAM

CANSO’s Director Latin America and Caribbean Affairs, Javier Vanegas, spoke recently to the Director General of SENEAM, Mexico’s ANSP, in the tower at Felipe Angeles Airport, Mexico City’s newest airport, which opened in March 2022. Their wide-ranging conversation …



Improving airspace in Latin America-Caribbean

New initiatives will further the efficiency of airspace in Latin America-Caribbean. The optimisation of airspace in the Latin America-Caribbean (LAC) region has been high on the agenda for many years. The CANSO ATFM Data Exchange Network for the Americas (CADENA) …



Understanding the benefits of diversity

Gabriela Logatto, President and CEO of EANA, says growth and innovation depend on diversity and inclusion. How difficult was it to lead an ANSP through the crisis and what were the biggest challenges? It was difficult, but what changed were …



Championing diversity in aviation

Diversity is essential to the continued growth of aviation. Inclusive policies increase recruitment pools and add skills and knowledge to an organisation. Gabriela Logatto, President and General Manager, EANA, reveals how the Argentine ANSP has embraced the value diversity can …



CEO Series: Edson Mallaco, ATECH – Embraer Group Company (video)

View the full CANSO mini-series featuring short conversations with industry key players across the globe here. In these 10-minute sessions, CEOs offer insight into the current challenges and changes they face, and the potential solutions, strategies and requirements from …


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