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Championing diversity in aviation

Diversity is essential to the continued growth of aviation. Inclusive policies increase recruitment pools and add skills and knowledge to an organisation. Gabriela Logatto, President and General Manager, EANA, reveals how the Argentine ANSP has embraced the value diversity can …



CEO Series: Edson Mallaco, ATECH – Embraer Group Company (video)

View the full CANSO mini-series featuring short conversations with industry key players across the globe here. In these 10-minute sessions, CEOs offer insight into the current challenges and changes they face, and the potential solutions, strategies and requirements from …



Your cyber safety toolkit

Shayne Campbell, CANSO Safety Programme Manager, explores the latest CANSO, ICAO and Airbus tool for addressing cybersecurity in ATM. Cyber-attacks continue to be an emerging threat to the aviation industry as a result of increased digitalisation and the interconnectivity of …



How collaboration is enabling efficient air transport of vital heathcare services

Brian Gonzalez, Air Traffic Systems Manager for the Latin American region at American Airlines, explores how CADENA is helping to provide vital healthcare services during the pandemic. The aviation community plays an essential role in the global distribution of COVID-19 …



How drones can support air navigation service provision

Gregor Aschwanden, Senior Product Manager, skyguide, explores how remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) can provide effective support for air navigation service provision. The evolution of technology provides the aviation industry with opportunities to resolve issues and adapt to new ways …



Championing the Latin America and Caribbean region globally

General Heraldo Rodrigues, Director General of DECEA and CANSO Executive Committee Member at Large, outlines his commitment to the industry. The CANSO 24th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was my first AGM, and even though it was a virtual event CANSO …


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