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Emerging technologies for future skies

A new CANSO whitepaper series is set to examine the new and emerging technologies that will shape our world. New and emerging technologies are essential in meeting the needs of our future skies. They will not only deliver operational efficiencies …



The growing importance of benchmarking

Diána Rohácsné Galgóczi, Head of International Controlling Unit, HungaroControl and Chair of the CANSO Global Benchmarking Workgroup, on the growing importance of benchmarking. During these unprecedented times, data is vital in helping us understand the performance of …



Airspace Q4 2019 – Collaborative working in acquisition

In the fourth part of the acquisition excellence series, Adrian Miller, Head of Supply Chain Collaborations, NATS, explores the value found in collaboration. With the relentless growth of air traffic across the globe, aviation increasingly needs technology and solutions to …



Airspace Q3 2019 – Assessing potential suppliers

In the third of a series of articles for Airspace on best practice in procurement, Fiona Thompson, Operations Director, Park Air Systems, outlines the right way to carry out a successful supplier assessment. Stakeholders involved in supplier selection will …



Airspace Q2 2019 – Know what is required

In the second of a series of articles for Airspace on best practice in procurement, Kelly Ann Hicks, Chair of the CANSO Acquisition Excellence Workgroup, explains the importance of understanding and documenting all requirements in a project. As outlined in …



Airspace Q1 2019 – Creating value through benchmarking

Converting industry data into easily understandable metrics will help ANSPs manage traffic growth. Air traffic management (ATM) is awash with data, every flight adding new information to an already enormous database. Using timely analytics to tease details and trends from …


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