COVID-19 Restart and Recovery Guide

As traffic restrictions begin to lift and traffic volumes begin to grow, ANSPs must be ready to provide a service in what is likely to be a unique demand environment with variable traffic levels.

ATM never shut down throughout this crisis. In all regions of the globe ANSPs kept the airspace open for repatriation flights, cargo and other essential traffic while simultaneously implementing measures to protect essential staff and ensure operational continuity. But despite that, the growth in traffic over the next months will nevertheless generate risks and cause operational issues that we need to both consider and plan for.

CANSO’s COVID 19: ANS Restart and Recovery Guide examines and explores human resource and operational and safety considerations for ANSPs as the aviation industry enters its restart and recovery phases. It furthers the issues explored in our earlier publication COVID-19: Ensuring Continuity of ATS Service Globally and focusses on those issues unique to the restart and recovery period of growing traffic levels.

CANSO COVID-19 Strategy and Integration