CANSO launches an Environmental Accreditation Programme, GreenATM


Madrid, 20 June 2022 – CANSO has today launched its own independent, industry-endorsed, environmental accreditation programme, GreenATM, to assess and benchmark on a common framework the measures Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) are taking to both reduce aviation’s emissions and their own environmental footprint.

Climate change is a global issue for the aviation industry and therefore a critical one for ANSPs and for CANSO, who committed to support civil aviation in the achievement of the industry’s joint e goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“Meeting aviation’s climate goals will require collaborative action by all parties. While the ATM industry alone cannot get aviation to net zero, we can take responsibility for ensuring that it plays its part and provide strong and clear leadership for early action”, said Michelle Bishop, CANSO’s Director Programmes, who launched the scheme today to an audience of hundreds of ATM leaders from across the globe. “There are a variety of programmes which offer companies frameworks or standards to align their environmental activities; however none of them fit the unique nature of an air navigation service provider. And so CANSO is proud to launch its Environmental Accreditation Programme, GreenATM.”

Participating ANSPs will be assessed on how they facilitate minimising excess emissions in their airspace, as well as efforts to reduce their own direct environmental footprint. GreenATM covers a range of topics related to governance and policy, ground, terminal and enroute operations, infrastructure, and sustainable procurement practices. ANSPs will be assessed against 5 defined levels for each topic.

“By highlighting the areas an ANSP can positively influence its own environmental footprint and that of its customers, the GreenATM programme reveals a path to higher ambition and provides a framework for engagement with stakeholders and employees alike on climate action,” Michelle Bishop added.

Read more about CANSO’s GreenATM here.

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