COVID-19: Ensuring Continuity of ATS Service Globally

CANSO’s COVID-19: Ensuring continuity of ATS service globally provides essential guidance for the ATM industry on navigating the global COVID-19 pandemic.

ANSPs are taking extraordinary measures to ensure the health of employees during this time in order to provide the maximum level of continuity in the provision of ANS and to maintain global connectivity.

To help ANSPs better understand the potential operational impacts associated with the COVID-19 virus and what mitigations members are taking to manage this rapidly changing situation, the new guidance document provides an overview of CANSO member best practice and approaches to current issues.

Read more to discover:

  • The ANSP view of tackling the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Best practice approaches to safeguard staff
  • Measures for ensuring business continuity
  • Guidance from across the aviation community
CANSO COVID-19 Strategy and Integration