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How can ATM become cyber safe

Shayne Campbell, CANSO Safety Programme Manager, explores the importance of improving cyber security in air traffic management (ATM). The trend in ATM is towards increased sharing of information and the creation of a common situational awareness for a wide spectrum …



Global ATM safety: What can we do next?

Marius Beliunas, Head of Safety and Security, Oro navigacija, explores how being part of CANSO offers valuable educational and networking opportunities.  Being a rookie in the field of air navigation services safety I had an invaluable opportunity to …



Why cybersafety is a critical component of effective emergency response planning

Matt Shreeve, Director and Aviation Cyber Expert at Helios and chair of the CANSO Cyber Safety Task Force, explores CANSO’s latest emergency response guidance. As more people fly, our reliance on the resilience of the air traffic management system …



CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2019: A First-Time Perspective

Ian Giesbrecht, Manager Safety Training and Communications, NAV CANADA shares his experiences of CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2019. When the opportunity to attend my first CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference was presented to me, I knew I could not …



CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2019: An industry perspective

Nicole Sparger, Deputy Director for Business Development for ATAC, gives an insight as to what the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2019 meant to her. Overview Every attendee, speaker, participant, and associate affiliated with the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference has …



Airspace Q2 2019 – Power to the people

Human performance remains the critical link in safe and efficient air navigation service provision. The air traffic management sector is replete with talk of automation, digitisation, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that these developments will change …


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