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Normal is overrated

Lea-Sophie Vink leads Human Performance at Austro Control GmbH in Vienna, Austria. Here she discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the performance of those returning to work after the pandemic.



A collaborative approach to recovery and resilience

Eduardo Garcia Gonzalez, CANSO Manager European ATM Coordination and Safety, explores how regional coordination is key to aviation’s recovery and resilience. As air traffic in Europe and across the globe gradually increases, it is vital that the aviation community …



Helping secure journeys whatever the weather

Shayne Campbell, CANSO Safety Programme Manager, talks about the importance of enhancing runway safety in an ever-changing world. For many in the northern hemisphere, summer solstice represents some of the best days of the year with regards to weather. Clear, …



Maintaining safety focus during the COVID-19 pandemic

Patrick Gontar, Head of Safety Intelligence at DFS, Katharina-Maria Kalina BSc, MSc, IMS Risk & Performance Manager at Austro Control, and Dr. Ioana Koglbauer, Human Factors Expert, Safety Management Unit at IAA, explore a collaborative safety initiative addressing human factors …



How to improve your safety management systems

Jesús Romero-Hernandez, ENAIRE Safety & Security Manager and Vice-Chair of the CANSO Europe Safety Group (CESAF), explores how the latest CANSO toolkits can help to improve ANSP safety management systems (SMS).  The world of aviation is constantly changing …



Your cyber safety toolkit

Shayne Campbell, CANSO Safety Programme Manager, explores the latest CANSO, ICAO and Airbus tool for addressing cybersecurity in ATM. Cyber-attacks continue to be an emerging threat to the aviation industry as a result of increased digitalisation and the interconnectivity of …


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