Latest data now available on CANSO Safety Dashboard – powered by Aireon


The latest data on the CANSO Safety Dashboard – powered by Aireon, has just been published. Covering the period of March, April, and May, the data shows that, globally, the emergency codes indicate an increase as well as the TCAS RA. This trend is indicative of seasonal traffic with possible correlation with an increase in operations. 

Following the launch of the Aireon Safety Dashboard, CANSO Members now have access to an exclusive, monthly global summary of Safety data via the new CANSO Safety Dashboard – powered by Aireon.

Available on myCANSO, CANSO Members’ exclusive online portal, the dashboard provides global date on three safety categories. They are:

Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System Resolution Advisory (TCAS RA)

In a TCAS RA event, the pilot is issued an audible command to climb or descend according to automated aircraft conflict detection. This is considered the last line of defence in avoiding midair collisions. A consistent presence of these events in specific geographic areas may indicate a systemic issue.

The data available for CANSO Members show the rate of TCAS RAs (number of occurrences per 10,000 flights) per CANSO region. 

Risk of Runway Overrun (RORO)

The Risk of Runway Overrun (RORO) metric identifies risk of runway excursion during landing. To capture this metric, Aireon data is used to identify the position on the runway at which the aircraft first slowed to 50 knots during the landing roll. Geographic runway data is then used to determine the distance from that point to the end of the runway, and this value is determined for every landing.

CANSO Members can view graphs which show the number of RORO events per 100,000 landings per CANSO region, aggregated where needed to safeguard against ANSP identification.

Emergency Squawk Codes

Aircraft may broadcast squawk distress according to the following codes:

  • 7400 – autonomous vehicle lost link
  • 7500 – hijacking
  • 7600 – lost communications
  • 7700 – emergency

CANSO Members can view global data regarding the number of 7600 and 7700 emergency squawk events per 10,000 flights, per CANSO region.

John Wennes, CANSO Safety Programme Manager, said: “Aireon collects high-quality, ADS-B data every day from aircraft all over the world. That global reach is unique, helping bridge the gap that often challenges global or regional aviation safety performance benchmark initiatives.

“The driving force behind this collaboration between CANSO and Aireon is the desire for proactive and meaningful action, positively influencing safety in our global and regional airspace.

“The metrics presented on the CANSO Safety Dashboard – powered by Aireon, exclusively for CANSO Members are the result of extensive and continuous work between the CANSO Safety Intelligence Workgroup and Aireon and are meant to evolve over time.”

Peter Cabooter, Vice President of Customer Affairs, Aireon, added: “The Safety Dashboard provides valuable insights for the global ANSP community. Using Aireon’s best-in-class data, safety professionals can benchmark their safety performance against others and take actions to identify risks before they escalate into accidents and incidents. 

“It’s the first global safety product that comes with Aireon’s surveillance-quality data and has been built with the ANSP in mind.”

CANSO Members can access the CANSO Safety Dashboard here, providing access to global and regional data. They will need to be logged into myCANSO to do that, which they can do here.

Aireon also offers a solution for individual ANSPs to access detailed comparative metrics through the AireonINSIGHTS Safety Dashboard. For more information, contact

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