Safety is the number one priority of the aviation industry. Air navigation service providers work to maintain and improve safety performance whilst facing many challenges, including: increasing traffic demand; the implementation of new technologies; new entrants to controlled airspace and increasing automation.

The Safety Standing Committee (SSC) oversees CANSO’s Safety Programme to meet the objectives and outcomes in support of the CANSO Safety vision; to be the global leaders on ATM/ATS safety matters. The work of the Programme is focussed on developing best practices for current safety risks, identifying safety issues and challenges, and coordinating with pertinent international and regulatory bodies in pursuit of continuous safety improvement.

In addition to the SSC, there are four groups within the Safety Programme that develop recommendations, policies, strategies and materials across a wide range of key safety issues.

Safety Intelligence Workgroup (SIWG)Provides a platform for a more focused approach to the identification and measurement of global safety issues, hazards or risks, proposing the appropriate improvement/mitigation actions. Supports the development of processes to identify common areas of concern that can be targeted by CANSO as it advocates and positively influences global aviation safety. This is accomplished by the continual use of current methods to identify areas of concern, identify gaps and propose new approaches, as well as seeking to advance data analysis with the aim of turning data/information into intelligence, promoting the use of advanced analytical methodologies, tools and techniques.
Human Performance Management Workgroup (HPMWG)The HPMWG helps ANSPs measure current human performance management (HPM) maturity and implement effective human performance management by supporting targeted assessments and workshops. The group is developing a roadmap to assist member ANSPs with establishing a human performance management programme.
Cyber Safety Task Force (CSTF)The CSTF is working on the development of a cyber maturity model that focuses on how the ATM service provider prepares for, detects, responds and recovers from a cyber incident, helping to ensure that ATM services remain safe during and following a cyber-attack. It also provides guidance on cyber security risk assessment.
Next Generation SMS Workgroup (NXGN WG)Promotes new safety management concepts and methods to help CANSO members manage key challenges facing our industry. Provides safety management leadership on topics including integration of new airspace users, interdependencies between operations and safety in decision making, matching human and machine capabilities in higher levels of automation, SMS maturity and the organisational challenges that will impact the competence of staff and principles of just culture. Works closely with other CANSO workgroups in both the operations and safety programme areas.

CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award

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