The CANSO Operations Programme brings operational, industrial, technical and regulatory expertise and knowledge to ATM operational matters. It provides leadership to assist Members implementing ATM improvements and identifies future technologies and procedures that will help transform global ATM performance. It serves as an important forum for ANSPs and industry suppliers to: exchange information on operational and technical ATM best practices, and establish common positions on operational and technical issues.

The work of the Operations Programme helps support the implementation of operational procedures and technologies in the ATM environment, and assists with addressing challenges such as the integration of emerging and future airspace users, sustainable aviation, and improving airspace efficiency and capacity.

In addition to an Operations Standing Committee which oversees the Operations Programme, six workgroups and one task force develop recommendations, policies, strategies and materials across a wide range of operational issues.

Airspace Optimisation Workgroup (AO WG)
The AO WG works to advance the safety, capacity and efficiency of airspace volumes through various methods like the implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures, Free Route Airspace concepts and enhancing the Flexible Use of Airspace through the identification and promotion of best practices and the promotion of better civil/military cooperation.
Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)/Airport-Collaborative Decision Making Workgroup (A-CDM WG)The ATFM/A-CDM WG helps members with their ATFM and A-CDM implementation, while also supporting regional and trans-regional initiatives to develop interoperable cross-border collaborative ATFM networks around the globe. The group also works to chart new frontiers in ATFM and A-CDM development, including concepts such as ATFM/A-CDM integration, long- range ATFM, and the evolution of ATFM and A-CDM in future ATM environments.
CANSO Aviation Data Exchange Network for Cooperative Excellence Task Force (CADENCE TF)CADENCE is a purpose-built collaborative software platform that will enable ANSPs to share information on factors affecting airspace demand and capacity (e.g., weather, staffing, equipment outages, etc.) through an operational information system (OIS). It enhances situational awareness and engagement of all stakeholders in the development of collaborative approaches to optimise air traffic.
The CANSO Global OIS is the web platform that facilitates data sharing and promotes common situational awareness for regions. The platform will be used as both a common regional CDM tool, as well as a tool to provide a global view for critical cross-regional issues, such as commercial space launches/recoveries and contingency operations.
Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance Workgroup (CNS WG)
The mandate of the Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance Workgroup is to aid CANSO ANSP Members in implementing and managing performance-based CNS that allows use of all paths to provide and meet the required performance of an evolving, data-powered ecosystem with harmonised service delivery.  The performance-based CNS approach forms the basis of a global capability that is resilient and scalable to cope with safety, security and the expected users needs.
Digital Transformation Workgroup (DT WG)The mandate of the Digital Transformation Workgroup is to provide guidance and tools to CANSO Members with their transition to new, network-centric information management and support global cooperation in implementing digital information and services. The group provides a valuable platform for Members to share experiences and best practices in support of solutions, change management and quality metrics. It examines operational, safety and regulatory considerations, identifies lessons learned from regional and global implementations and monitors technology changes.
Environment Workgroup (ENV WG)The ENVWG supports improved environmental sustainability through the identification and promotion of means to reduce unnecessary emissions from aircraft through improved operational efficiency and reducing aircraft noise through better procedures and planning. The deliverables support ANSP modernization and environmental efficiency improvements using documented metrics and performance data.
Operational Systems Integration Workgroup (OSI WG).The OSI WG supports the integration of unmanned remotely piloted and automated aircraft systems, space launch and re-entry operations and emerging aviation systems of all sizes, into existing controlled and uncontrolled airspace at all altitudes, by assisting in the development of standards and policies that affect regulation and provides guidance by sharing safe and effective best practices throughout the ANSP community.