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One year on, one year wiser

Nico Voorbach, CANSO ICAO Affairs Director, provides his perspective on the latest updates to ICAO’s restart and recovery guidance for aviation. As we enter a second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, CANSO ICAO Affairs is working closely with ICAO …



How aviation is working together on recovery

CANSO Director ICAO Affairs, Nico Voorbach, explains how CANSO is working with industry stakeholders to plan for aviation’s recovery from COVID-19. As governments and aviation industry operators continue to work on managing the impact of COVID-19, collaboration between industry …



Airspace Q4 2019 – Advocating for ATM

CANSO had a significant presence at ICAO’s 40th Triennial Assembly, held from 24 September to 4 October 2019. CANSO submitted four working papers, all of which were ratified with minor comments. What is the ICAO Assembly? The ICAO Assembly is the organization’…



Airspace Q4 2019 – Still going strong

For 75 years, the Chicago Convention has helped align the skies of ICAO’s 193 Member States through international regulations and standards. The value of aviation’s global system of cooperation should not be underestimated. Not only does it ensure that all …



Partnering to strengthen air navigation in Latin America and the Caribbean

Javier Vanegas, CANSO Director Latin America and Caribbean Affairs, provides insight into a recent joint regional initiative with ICAO. While CANSO takes a global approach to the transformation of air traffic management, it is CANSO’s regional focus that helps …



Why States are key to improving aviation’s environmental performance

CANSO Director ICAO Affairs, Nico Voorbach, explores the importance of effective management and investment in improving aviation’s environmental performance. During the ICAO Environment Symposium this week, I took part in the ‘Three years to prepare for the next 30’ …


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