CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 and 28th AGM

We look forward to welcoming you to our CANSO Global ATM Summit and our 28th AGM which will be kindly hosted by AZANS in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Our outline programme

Monday 10 June


Dress code: Smart casual, with
comfortable footwear for vineyard exploration
Host tour – optional
Hosted by
More details can be found here

Tuesday 11 June

11:00-17:30CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 Early RegistrationVenue: Sharg Zali Foyer
12:00-12:30Sponsored Workshop Welcome CoffeeVenue: Sharg Zali Foyer
12:30-14:30Indra Sponsored Workshop Venue: Sharg Zali
14:30-15:00Sponsored Workshop Networking BreakVenue: Sharg Zali Foyer
15:00-17:00Aireon Sponsored Workshop Venue: Sharg Zali

Dress code:
Smart casual
Welcome Reception hosted by Venue: Han Restaurant

Wednesday 12 June

08:00-09:00CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 RegistrationVenue: Sharg Zali Foyer
08:00-17:00CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 and 28th AGM ExhibitionVenue: Sharg Zali Foyer
09:00-17:00Spouse/Partner Programme: Day OneSea Breeze Nine Senses Art Centre
09:00-10:00Opening Remarks and Keynote SpeechVenue: Sharg Zali
10:00 – 10:35Aviation’s pathway to net zero
Climate change is one of humanity’s most pressing issues and aviation has a key role to play in cutting carbon emissions. With 2050 only a few decades away, it is imperative that greater focus is placed on meeting aviation’s net zero climate goal. This panel will discuss the challenges of meeting aviation’s 2050 goal, as well as opportunities to collaborate to achieve it.
Venue: Sharg Zali
10:35 – 10:55Table discussion: What are your organisations doing to help meet aviation’s net zero goal? 

A 15-minute at-table conversation to identify areas of best practice with feedback from selected tables.
Venue: Sharg Zali
10:55 – 11:20Networking BreakVenue: Sharg Zali Foyer
11:20-11:50Contrails – the Science Behind them and Mitigating MeasuresVenue: Sharg Zali
11:50 – 12:20Technology as an Enabler to Greener Skies

In this session, panellists will discuss the technologies and innovations that can help ATM meet its 2050 carbon emission goal.
Venue: Sharg Zali
12:20 – 12:50Nurturing Talent for Tomorrow: Shaping our Future Skies
In this roundtable session, we will explore strategies to ensure operational efficiency both today and in the future by cultivating a strong pipeline of talent in the air traffic management (ATM) industry. Industry leaders will discuss best practices, innovative approaches, and collaborative initiatives aimed at developing and retaining skilled professionals to meet the evolving needs of ATM.
Venue: Sharg Zali
12:50 – 13:00Wrap up and close

Simon Hocquard, Director General, CANSO
Venue: Sharg Zali
14:00-15:30CANSO 28th AGM – Full Member Meeting
For CANSO Full Members only
Venue: Sharg Zali
15:30-17:00CANSO 28th AGM – Associate Member Meeting
For CANSO Associate Members only
Venue: Sharg Zali

Dress code:
In recognition of the prestigious nature of this event and venue, attendees are asked to dress accordingly. For example, suits and ties for the men, and longer, smarter dresses or suits for women. Formal national attire is also welcomed.

Gala Dinner, hosted by Venue: Hedar Aliyev Center

Thursday 13 June

08:00-09:00CANSO 28th AGM RegistrationVenue: Sharg Zali Foyer
08:00-13:00CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 and 28th AGM ExhibitionVenue: Sharg Zali Foyer
09:00-11:00CANSO 28th AGMVenue: Sharg Zali
09:00-16:00Spouse/Partner Programme: Day TwoVenue: Azerbaijan Fish Farm in Neftchala

Dress code:
Smart casual
Closing Dinner, hosted by Venue: Mangal Steak House

Our social programme

Alongside the CANSO Global Summit 2024 and 28th AGM, our host, AZANS, is planning a wide range of side events that truly capture the beauty of Azerbaijan.

Here’s what you can look forward to. Click ‘Read more’ on each day to see more pictures and get a full flavour of the delights that await you in Baku.

Monday 10 June

Dress code: Smart casual, with comfortable footwear for vineyard exploration

Host Tour (Optional)

Attendees are invited to a full day excursion to the Shamakhi Vineyard – one of the country’s top vineyards – outside the city.

There they will enjoy a wine tasting and tour of the vineyard, followed by lunch in the Abgora Restaurant (pictured), which will be followed by a programme of entertainment.

There they will enjoy a wine tasting and tour of the vineyard, followed by lunch in the Abgora Restaurant (pictured), which will be followed by a programme of entertainment.

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Tuesday 11 June

Dress code: Smart casual

Welcome Reception

Our Welcome Reception will be held at the Han Restaurant, one of Azerbaijan’s top venues, in the middle of the old city of Baku.

Following the reception, guests will also have the option of transferring to one of the old city’s traditional tea houses for tea and shisha in a venue rich in history and Azerbaijan culture.

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Wednesday 12 June
19:00 – 22:30

Dress code: In recognition of the prestigious nature of this event and venue, attendees are asked to dress accordingly. For example, suits and ties for the men, and longer, smarter dresses or suits for women. Formal national attire is also welcomed.

Gala Dinner

A highlight of the week will be the Gala Dinner, which will be held in the city’s iconic Heydar Aliyev Centre.

Designed by world renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the centre is one of the main symbols of Baku and is famous for its flowing, curved style.

Preceding the dinner, guests will enjoy a full concert, in the center’s main concert hall, of traditional Azerbaijan classical music.

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Thursday 13 June

Dress code: Smart casual

Closing Dinner

The CANSO Global ATM Summit and 28th AGM week culminates in one final, spectacular dinner in the ballroom of the Mangal Steak house, one of Baku’s most famous and traditional steakhouses. And for those who want to continue later into the evening, further networking and socialising opportunities will continue at one of Baku’s top nightclubs.

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Our spouses and partners’ programme

Our host, AZANS, is also generously providing two days of activities for your spouse or partner should they be joining us. Here’s what they can enjoy:

Wednesday 12 June

Dress code: Comfortable attire such as light summer clothing, casual dresses, shorts, and sandals are recommended for the cooking classes. It is also recommended to take beach wear for the afternoon section of today’s tour.

The day starts with cooking classes at Baku’s famous Mangal Zagulba restuarant.

Embark on a culinary journey with expert chefs, where you’ll learn the art of Azerbaijani cuisine through hands-on cooking classes.

After the cooking classes, head to the sea-front Rose Bar to unwind and enjoy the sea breeze. Relax in the serene ambiance as you sip on refreshing drinks served throughout the afternoon.

During the afternoon there will also be the chance to take part in an art workshop at the complex’s Nine Senses Art Center.

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Thursday 13 June

Dress code: Casual

Today’s excursion takes on a deeper significance with a special opportunity for conservation and environmental stewardship. The highlight of your tour awaits as you embark on a noble mission to release Sturgeon fish into their natural habitat, contributing to the preservation of this rare and iconic species.

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Venue and Travel

The CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 and 28th AGM will be held at the:

JW Marriott Absheron Hotel, 674 Azadliq Square, Baku 1000, Azerbaijan

To book your stay at the CANSO delegate rate please click here. The deadline to book your stay was Monday 6 May, rooms and rate are now subject to availability.

For bookings outside of the room block dates availble on the booking link, please book your main stay with the booking link and then email the JW Marriott Hotel with your extension dates. Please note, availability and rates are subject to availability outside of the block dates.

Please note that free cancellation is only available up to two months before the first day of your booking. After this, charges will be incurred.

Other recommended hotels

We have also secured a special rate at the Holiday Inn Baku, to book your stay please click here. To benefit from the special rate, once on the booking page please click change search in the top right corner, select in rate preferences drop down menue the conference direct option, select your dates and click search. You will then see the special rate of AZN 152 per night.

Please note that free cancellation is only available up to 35 days before the first day of your booking. After this, charges will be incurred.

Flying to Baku

As well as being directly connected to many countries in the region and beyond, Baku is also easily reached via a number of major airports which offer onward connections to the city, as illustrated in this animation kindly provided by Azerbaijan Airlines.

Airport Transfers

AZANS are kindly organising complimentary airport transfers, from and to Baku’s Heydar Aliyev International Airport to the official Summit and AGM hotel.

To make use of this service please remember to complete your full flight arrival and departure details when you register or by Friday 24 May.

To help your arrival process and transfer, look out for the AZANS information desk in the arrivals hall.

Important Visa information

Please check visa requirements and apply for your visa here.

If you require a visa invitation letter from CANSO please tick yes in the visa section of the registration form.

If you also need a letter from the host, AZANS, please email specifying your request for an invitation letter and the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Name(s)
  3. Job title
  4. Organisation
  5. Passport Details – Passport Number, Date of Issue, Date of expiry, Passport Issuing Authority (Country/Place of Issue), Date of entrance, Photos of front and back pages

Practical Information


Set on the shores of the Caspian Sea, Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. Famous for its mix of stunning modern architecture nestled next to a beautiful old city, Baku is a fascinating city to visit.

Alongside its bustling streets and beautiful sea front, the city is also the gateway to a number of fascinating sights a little further away, including a wide range of geological sites. Known as the land of fire, visitors can enjoy day trips to volcanic areas to see flames emerging from the ground and bubbling mud.

Conference venue

Our CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 and 28th AGM will be held at the JW Marriott Absheron Hotel.

The hotel’s address is:
674 Azadliq Square
Baku 1000

The hotel is a short walk from the city’s sea front park and its numerous must see sites.


Buses, metro and taxis will help you travel around Baku easily. The city’s Metro system provides a convenient and reliable service while a wide range of bus routes are also useful to get around the city.

Fares for metro rides are 0.40 AZN per ride, whatever the journey length.

Bus fares range from 0.40-1.30 AZN, depending on the route you choose. The payment for using metro and buses are integrated into the “BakıKart”, a card that can be purchased and topped up at terminals located at metro stations and bus stops.

To reach your designated destination within Baku and its suburbs, you may also opt for a taxi selecting one of many user-friendly applications, enabled by both local and international companies, at affordable prices.

Major Taxi firms are Baku Taxi Company and 189 Taxi, while ride share services like Uber,Bolt, and Red London Taxi are also available. Your hotel concierge will be able to help you organise the best taxi service for you.

If you are not using the airport transfers provided by AZANS (see below), it is possible to travel to the city centre by official Airport taxis, which will cost around 18-23 EUR, depending on your destination.

Airport Transfers

Heydar Aliyev International Airport is Azerbaijan’s and the South Caucasus busiest airports and is located 20KM north east of the city centre.

Our hosts, AZANS, will provide complimentary transfers from and to the airport to the JW Mariott Absheron hotel. To assist with the planning of this please ensure you complete your flight and accommodation details when you register.

AZANS will have a desk in the arrivals hall to help you access your transfer, which will be by shuttle bus.

If you have booked alternative accommodation transfers from and to the hotel will be at your own expense. You can see details of your transfer options here.

VISA Information

Delegates from some states may require a visa to enter Baku. If you haven’t done so already, you should start your visa application process as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Check your visa requirements and Apply for your eVisa here

Time Zone

The time zone in Baku is GMT 4.


Azerbaijani is the main language of Azerbaijan. Russian and English may also be spoken.  

Local taxi services are predominantly in Azerbaijani or Russian, and so ride share services like Uber, Bolt, or Red London Taxi are recommended.

The CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 and 28th AGM will be conducted in English.


The official currency of Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijan Manat.  Current exchange rates can be found here.

Bank/Credit Card

In many areas of the economy, retail transactions are still generally completed on a cash basis. However, ATMs and credit or debit card payment machines are increasingly available in the retail market.

Foreign credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) are accepted in major hotels and restaurants.  

Delegates are advised to bring or source the local currency to make sure they have enough to make any purchases which can’t be paid for by card.


Tipping is not expected in Azerbaijan but is appreciated. For taxis, it is polite to round up the fare and give the change as a tip, and hotel porters may be tipped 5-10 manats.


The voltage used in Azerbaijan is 220 volts and the frequency used is 50 Hertz (Hz). Universal and European plug adapters will work in Baku.


Complimentary Wi-Fi is available for guests attending the CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 and 28th AGM.

Climate June is normally a warm and sunny time to visit Baku, with average daily temperatures up to 27ÂşC/80.6ÂşF and up to 11 hours of sunshine a day.

Emergency Contacts

General emergency line: 112

Police: 102

Ambulance: 103

International dialling code

The Azerbaijani international dialling code is 994

Make the most of your stay in Baku

If you are planning to extend your stay in Baku, here are some of the many must see places to visit:

  • Baku’s historic old city.
  • The iconic Flame Towers
  • The Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre (venue of our Gala Dinner)
  • The Carpet Museum
  • The Maiden Tower
  • Baku Boulevard (just a short walk from the Summit hotel).

Find a full list of what to do in Baku here.

You can also see a full list of Baku’s museums here, and a list of restaurants here.

Other information

Find out more here.

Our additional sponsors

We are grateful for the support of our additional sponsors.

Delegate Notebook



Registration to attend the CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 and AGM is now open.

Please note that, to organise your airport transfers kindly provided by AZANS, we require your flight and accommodation details. Please read the instructions on that page carefully.

The CANSO Global ATM Summit is open to CANSO Members and specifically invited guests only.

Event Details

10 – 13 June 2024

Baku, Azerbaijan


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