Organisation Overview

Thales offers the most complete range of Air Traffic Management solutions, from design and integration, to installation and services. 

Thales is uniquely placed to assist its customers’ expansion of their ATM infrastructure. Thales brings increased capacity through its leading-edge technology and integrated solutions for civil aviation and airport authorities worldwide. From Departure to Arrival, Thales’ ATM products cover the entire process.

As the first industry contributor to SESAR, Thales is committed to modernising the European air traffic control system by developing innovative technological solutions for more efficient, higher performance, safer and “greener” procedures. Thales is a unique Space-Air-Ground solutions provider. 

As a technology partner in US NextGen modernisation programme, Thales is bridging the Atlantic to foster cooperation in building tomorrow’s air traffic management systems.

ATM Products & Services

Air Traffic Management Solution 

Mature and proven ATM solution, designed by controllers for controllers. Installed in more than 130 control centres worldwide, Thales offers a powerful modular system used to control traffic in continental en route, terminal approach, transcontinental and oceanic airspaces. 

Simulation Solution 

Thales’s new ATC simulator, which through innovation improves training-delivery productivity, operational-training fidelity, software maintenance, and trainee throughput. It combines the use of existing innovations, clever design to maximise component re-use, and customer driven improvements. 

Air Traffic Flow Management Solution 

Provides optimised use of airport and airspace resources, by employing sophisticated tools and collaborative decision making techniques to use airspace flexibly and balance capacity and load, in order to reduce delays, alleviate congestion and smooth imbalances in air traffic controller workload. 

Airport Tower Systems 

A unique integrated, scalable Tower Solution to improve efficiency, safety and capacity in the airport environment. It supports the safe, orderly and efficient control & management of aircrafts and vehicles on the airport surface, by the integration of surface movement guidance and flight planning. 

Global Surveillance Solutions 

Whatever your geographical constraints or traffic level, Thales combines technologiesto provide you with the most adapted surveillance solution, offering you a unique global surveillance capability: 

  • Primary, Secondary Mode S radars 
  • ADS-B and ADS-C Systems 
  • Mode S Multilateration System. 
Navigation aids 

Thales is the leading supplier of both conventional and satellite-based navigation aids, with over 70% of the world market. Our offer includes Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), Microwave Landing Systems (MLS), en-route navigation aids (VOR, DVOR and DME), as well as satellite based navigation aid. 

Aeronautical Information Management Solutions 

Thales offers a complete set of state-of-theart modules (AIS, AIXM Database, Charting, Procedure Design and Internet Briefing), integrated with automation centres. Thales offers a solution for a smooth migration from AIS to AIM, and field proven solutions operated by major ANSPs. 

Communication Systems 

The most complete, reliable and scalable solution for a seamless and risk free migration from AFTN to AMHS. A fully integrated solution with a unified management interface and a web client interface for easy deployment of terminals. 

Extended Services 

Thales goes a step further in traditional support service, with its Extended Services offer, providing Long-term support, Total commitment, Proximity, Personalised solutions, 100% added value and Highly skilled people.

Member Information

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Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Christian Rivierre

Country: France

Telephone number: +33 (0)1 79 61 40 00

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Head office:

3 Avenue Charles Lindbergh, 94628 Rungis France