Organisation Overview

Frequentis is an international supplier of communication and information solutions for control centres with safety-critical tasks. Fail-safe connectivity, connection set-up in milliseconds and user-friendly design are core elements of the company’s solutions. Focusing on technology and innovation, particularly on the design of optimised human-machine interfaces, Frequentis is the world market leader in voice communication systems for air traffic control; it’s also world market leader in the area of Aeronautical Information Management.

Frequentis has more than sixty years of ATC experience and deep cross-industry experience in defence, public safety, maritime and public transport markets; the company has expanded to incorporate voice, data, networks and recording throughout its portfolio.

ATM and AIM Products & Services

Frequentis is leading the way with innovative solutions for resource optimization and collaboration ensuring safety always comes first. This comprises voice, data and recording solutions, ATM-grade networks, virtualised private cloud and IP-based collaboration tools. Integrated solutions culminate in turnkey control centres for tower cabs and remote virtual towers.

Participation in standardisation

Frequentis boasts many industry firsts. It was amongst the first companies in the world to comply with the ED-153 safety standard to ensure ANSPs software safety assurance and to deploy this standard in live operations. The company played also a key role in driving IP standard ED-137 for EUROCAE industry compliance for the interoperability of VoIP ATM components. Frequentis is one of the members of SESAR Joint Undertaking. In order to meet the requirements for the United States; NextGen support is also a key component of the offering.

ATM-grade networks and end-to-end VoIP communication

Safety-critical voice and data communications require ATM-grade networks to support a high availability of performance and services. The Frequentis solution creates a virtual overlay to multiple wide-area network technologies to direct traffic based on the quality of the network. Additionally, ‘application-aware’ software enables dynamic routing of communication flows to optimise network performance at all times.

Remote towers and flexible airspace management

Remote towers enable more efficient utilisation of ATM resources and enhance the situational awareness and safety of operations. That increases safety in unmanned locations and reduces operational costs – without compromising the services to airlines.
To serve airspace sectorisation Frequentis’ solutions ensure failsafe airspace handover through an end-to-end IP infrastructure. Any controller, any frequency and any site resource sharing.

Aeronautical Information Management

In order to serve civilian and military aeronautical customers, Frequentis’ solutions fit the needs of large regional organisations, stand-alone installations and any other requirement in between. The company has the largest installed base of stand-alone systems worldwide and is the only supplier of AIM hub systems operated globally. Frequentis hosts numerous customer applications in its own in-house and partner data centres, as e. g. the pan-European AIM system (EAD). This is the only offer of this type currently available in the market that offers ‘AIM-as-a-service’ functionality. The company solutions facilitate the migration from AIS to AIM, as defined by ICAO and in ADQ compliance.

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Membership Type: Associate Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Norbert Haslacher

Country: Austria

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