Skyguide and Intersoft Electronics Services to deliver CNS drone measurements as-a-service


Skyguide, the Swiss ANSP, and Belgian Intersoft Electronics Services join forces to deliver performance measurements of CNS equipment by drone, as a service. This SkyRF service supports commissioning, certification and maintenance of CNS ground systems such as ILS, DME, TACAN, VOR, PSR and SSR.

After starting evaluation and testing of CNS drone measurements in 2015, Skyguide has been measuring CNS equipment operationally for 4.5 years now. In this time, measuring of ILS and VOR has been the priority. Skyguide has performed preventive/corrective maintenance and commissioning, with its CNS drone.

Skyguide has demonstrated the repeatability of the measurements as well as the excellent correlation to the flight check with the calibration aircraft and has been able to obtain the official acceptance by the Swiss regulator, FOCA, to reduce flight checks by aircraft by more than 50%.

To expand the measurement capabilities and serve more customers, Skyguide and Intersoft Electronics Services signed a Memorandum of Understanding on June 21, 2022 at the World ATM Congress in Madrid, entering a preferred partnership for a new product line: CNS drone measurements as a service.

The two companies complement each other: Skyguide with its renowned CNS expertise molded into the ILS Preflight Checker Software and VOR Checker Software, and Intersoft Electronics Services with decades of experience in the radar domain. The two companies now team up to provide the SkyRF service to customers.

“The idea of cooperating with Intersoft Electronics Services for drone measurements blossomed at the World ATM Congress 2021. Now, we are proud to announce our preferred partnership”, says Gregor Aschwanden, Senior Product Manager at Skyguide. With this new partnership, Skyguide keeps growing its worldwide CNS partner portfolio.

With the new product line SkyRF, CNS measurements as a service enable customers to rely on a partner which is always guaranteeing the conformity to the latest CNS technical standards and norms.. The SkyRF service allows for short-term, one-time or recurring measurements with high accuracy and reliability. The dedicated equipment on board the SkyRF drone and its software platform were specifically designed to measure navaids and radar performance in the far field. SkyRF has a low operational impact, minimising runway downtime and environmental impact.

The SkyRF service is manufacturer-independent and is available for ANSPs and military operators of CNS equipment. SkyRF offers a complete portfolio of CNS measurements as a service.

Also, the Skyguide CNS Drone product line continues to be offered for sale for customers requiring to be the owner of their CNS drone measurement solution. 

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