Skyguide introduces VOR measuring capabilities as new feature to its innovative CNS drone


After successfully deploying the CNS Drone at Zurich and Geneva international airports in January 2018, measurements of the ILS (Instrument Landing System) on these two airports were done monthly to prove that the results correlate with those taken during flight inspections. Correlation is a key element for extending the interval between flight inspections and thus a driver for cost savings in commissioning, corrective maintenance and periodical measurements for ILS.

The measuring program with the CNS (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance) drone includes a GP vertical profile and flying a mini-approach while simultaneously measuring localizer and glide path along the ILS trajectory. The in-built software provides instant results that can be monitored and checked on the ground.
Engineers at Skyguide added VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range) measurement capabilities as a new feature to extend the innovative method of measuring navigation equipment with the support of the drone.

The measurements are taken while flying a circular orbit trajectory around the VOR, or flying along the radial including overflight. The results from the measurements include Azimuth error, FM Deviation, RF Level, 30 Hz and 9960 Hz modulation depths versus azimuth angle and analysis of the cone of silence.
With the introduction of this new feature and capabilities skyguide is underscoring its position as one of the leading and most innovative ANSPs in Europe.

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