Intersoft Electronics


Organisation overview

Intersoft Electronics provides state-of-the-art technology for radar system integration and service life extension. It also houses high-tech Manufacturing facilities and a growing Services organisation. With a pedigree of 40 years in design, development, manufacturing and field services, Intersoft Electronics has become a reference in radar technology and CNS services worldwide. It’s a GLOCAL organisation, they think global and act local.


Intersoft Electronics designs and develops new radar technologies that are used in radar upgrades and in OEM system solutions. NGSP®, the Next Generation Signal Processor, is the core of the modular air surveillance radar concept ASR-M®, which also features non-rotating antenna solutions.

ASR-M® is a modular air surveillance radar design that can be integrated with existing and newly built systems. It offers cutting edge detection performance in challenging NAS (National Air Space) environments. Thanks to its modularity ASR-M® allows for incremental system upgrades, keeping pace with the changing requirements and advancing technologies, resulting in an infinite lifecycle support.


Intersoft Electronics has local branches worldwide to provide services and support on CNS systems. These services comprise CNS performance evaluations, analysis and field calibration as well as support for installation, maintenance and training.


Intersoft Electronics’ manufacturing plants are ISO certified and compliant to industry and military standards for aviation and aerospace. Manufacturing services are fully vertically integrated, supporting the customer all the way from design to industrialization.

It’s Intersoft Electronics’ mission to make the sky safer.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

CEO: Mr. Luc Switten

Country: Belgium

Telephone number: +32 14 231811


Head office:

Lammerdries-Oost 27
Olen, 2250