Intersoft Electronics


Organisation overview

Intersoft Electronics provides products and services for the performance evaluation and upgrade of radar systems. Our customers are manufacturers and users of radar systems, as well as service organisations, both civil and military. Intersoft’s products and services enable our customers to achieve comprehensive and reliable radar coverage, enabling safer airways.

Radar Evaluation Tools

Our RASS product family consists of a broad range of test equipment for the complete evaluation of the performance of ATC radars and related systems. Our equipment is used for maintenance and service, as well as for permanent monitoring of radar systems and other sensors (e.g. ADS-B)

Radar Upgrades

Using the latest signal and data processing techniques, existing radar systems are modernized to extend their operational life. Intersoft’s patented technology enables radar systems to effectively deal with the effects of wind turbines, interference of 4G networks and detection and recognition of drones. Intersoft’s ‘building block’ approach enables customers and partners to select the elements needed for upgrading their radar systems.

Founded in Belgium in 1983, Intersoft Electronics has proven to be a reliable and stable partner for the Air Traffic Control industry. With offices on all continents, we provide a global service coverage to our customers and partners.

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Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

CEO: Mr. Luc Switten

Country: Belgium

Telephone number: +32 14 231811


Head office:

Lammerdries-Oost 27
Olen, 2250