Organisation Overview

Skyguide is an advanced high-performance provider of air navigation services in the heart of Europe. The company currently has fourteen operating locations in Switzerland and a workforce of some 1,500 employees. Its administrative head office is in Geneva. Mandate and duties Skyguide provides, in the public interest, high-quality customer-focused air navigation services in Swiss airspace and the airspace of neighbouring countries which is delegated to its control. Of the total flight kilometres managed by Skyguide, just under 55% are in Swiss airspace, while some 45% are in foreign airspace delegated to its control by neighbouring countries.  With its many years of experience in handling the dense and demanding air traffic above Central Europe, Skyguide is the continent’s specialist in managing air traffic within complex airspace.

The company is also a competence centre for aeronautical information management (AIM), radar and communications technology and data processing for the aviation sector. Skyguide holds ISO 9001:2000 certification for all its units throughout its organisation. And its integration of civil and military air navigation services under a single organisational roof is a pioneering achievement through which the company has demonstrated the many benefits that flexible airspace management can offer in terms of increasing overall airspace capacity.  Skyguide is also a member, together with its partner organisations in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, of the FABEC initiative to create a common funcational airspace block that will bring greater efficiency to Central Europe’s air traffic management services and activities.

Number of Towers Operated14
Number of Area Control Centres 2
Number of Employees1,500

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Alex Bristol

Country: Switzerland

Telephone number: +41 (22) 417 4111

Fax number: +41 (22) 417 4547


Head office:

Skyguide Swiss Air Navigation Services Ltd
Route de Pré-Bois 17
P.O. Box 796
CH-1215 Geneva 15