LFV creates smart solutions for the flights of the future


Automation in aviation and air traffic management can contribute to improved safety, efficiency and sustainability. LFV has, jointly with Linköping University, been conducting research as part of the Automation Program since 2015. On Tuesday, their results were shown to a wider audience in Stockholm.

Examples of automation in aviation include the use of artificial intelligence, AI, in air traffic management for improved safety and endurance, monitoring of movements at airports and of aircraft, risk identification in safety-critical environments and automation for training and skills verification in aviation and maritime transport.

“The collaboration between LFV and Linköping University has produced fantastic results. Together we figure out smart solutions for the flights of the future,” says the LFV Research Director, Björn Wahlström.

The Swedish Transport Administration sponsors the Automation Program and includes several research projects into the future of air traffic management in its portfolio.

“Research and innovation are important tools that enable us to develop solutions that contribute to good accessibility within the framework of a sustainable society. We need to drive applied research forward together so that solutions can be implemented and generate benefits for everyone,” says Marie Fridolin, Head of Operations Strategic Development, at the Swedish Transport Administration.

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