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Game changer in operations

There are many interest groups in aviation in Europe which are particularly involved when it comes to the operational future of our industry. Airports have organised themselves through ACI Europe, airlines in IATA and A4E, and the trade unions …



ATCO Virtual Mobility: A promising solution to the challenges of air traffic management (ATM) capacity in Europe

Air Traffic Management (ATM) capacity shortage is a major challenge in Europe that is caused by a number of factors such as technical system constraints, airspace structures, airspace reservations, and ATCO shortage. Although efforts have been made to improve technical …



ANSPs deliver summer season capacity

Johnny Pring, Manager for Policy and Advocacy at CANSO Europe, explains how air navigation service providers (ANSPs) addressed the revival of passenger numbers in Europe. In the 2022 summer season, Europeans travelled internationally for their summer holidays in a way that …



A collaborative approach to recovery and resilience

Eduardo Garcia Gonzalez, CANSO Manager European ATM Coordination and Safety, explores how regional coordination is key to aviation’s recovery and resilience. As air traffic in Europe and across the globe gradually increases, it is vital that the aviation community …



Maintaining safety focus during the COVID-19 pandemic

Patrick Gontar, Head of Safety Intelligence at DFS, Katharina-Maria Kalina BSc, MSc, IMS Risk & Performance Manager at Austro Control, and Dr. Ioana Koglbauer, Human Factors Expert, Safety Management Unit at IAA, explore a collaborative safety initiative addressing human factors …



Using data to identify ways to improve sustainability and track airspace efficiency

Ian Jopson, Head of Sustainable Operations at NATS, explains how NATS uses its flight efficiency insight metric – 3Di – to identify the efficiency of UK airspace, track performance and set targets for improvement. Reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint is …


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