Airspace Q3 2019 – The meaning of success – NATS and NAV CANADA


CANSO Award of Excellence in ATM Finalist

NATS and NAV CANADA – Replacing traditional paper strips with an electronic computer display system (ExCDS) into London Terminal Control

In 2018, a transformational programme replaced traditional paper strips with NAV CANADA‘s electronic computer display system, ExCDS, at NATS‘ London Terminal Control, which manages the traffic for London’s five international airports.

ExCDS is part of a ten-year £1bn transformation programme by NATS to update many of the core systems used to manage air traffic to meet forecast growth, improve efficiency, and reduce its impact on the environment while maintaining and improving safety.

Martin Rolfe, NATS CEO, said: “Delivering a project on this scale in an environment that functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week managing Europe’s busiest airspace, presents huge challenges. It involved hard work and dedication from many people across NATS, and at our partners at NAV CANADA, to successfully deliver one of our biggest-ever transformations.”

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