DFS Aviation Services Arrival Manager AMAN for București TMA including Bucharest Henri Coanda Int. Airport


DFS Aviation Services GmbH and Indra join forces to deliver a comprehensive arrival management system for ROMATSA for its controlled București Terminal Manoeuvring Area (TMA) including Bucharest Henri Coanda Int. Airport.

DFS Aviation Services has joined forces with Indra to implement the AMAN arrival management system within the Terminal Maneuvering Area (TMA) of Bucharest. This collaborative effort, which includes the basic Arrival Manager AMAN and enhanced AMAN functionalities, is set to revolutionize air traffic management operations in the region.

The arrival manager system AMAN facilitates the sequencing of air movements at the airport, increasing efficiency and capacity.

Under a contracting arrangement, DFS Aviation Services will embark on a one and a half year project that covers a comprehensive range of services as outlined in the project plan. These services will encompass development, thorough documentation, quality assurance procedures, configuration management, hardware provision, training sessions and exhaustive testing, including test support at both Indra and ROMATSA premises.

Beyond the initial implementation phase, DFS Aviation Services will provide ongoing maintenance and support services for additional years to ensure seamless operation and efficiency of the AMAN arrival management module.

Andreas Pötzsch, Managing Director of DFS Aviation Services (DAS), emphasizes: “We are immensely proud to be involved in this important project and look forward to this strong co-operation with Indra and ROMATSA.” 

Adrian Cojoc, ROMATSA General Director points out that “partnering with Indra and DFS Aviation Services, AMAN adds to the list of ROMATSA important operational developments. Whereas with the long-standing partner Indra, we have several ongoing projects, such as FF-ICE implementation, this is our first project with DFS Aviation Services, paving the way for future collaboration. The project that benefits the airspace users aims to integrate the mature AMAN module developed by DAS, already implemented in various international projects, in the ROMATSA ATM system developed by Indra.” 

José Luis González Paz, director of Continental Europe ATM in Indra highlights that “it is essential for Indra to collaborate and strengthen the relationship with its long-term partners such as DFS and ROMATSA, with the ultimate goal of achieving more efficient and sustainable air traffic. Whether as a technology provider, partner or customer, we are all looking for this goal, which is based on collaboration, as well as to offer the best and safest service to travelers.”

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