Startical receives support from European Union to bring air traffic management to space in a pioneering project

  • The ECHOES Digital Sky Demonstrator, led by Startical, ENAIRE and Indra, will receive some 15 million euros from the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), with the aim of demonstrating the advantages, reliability and availability with which new space-based applications will transform air navigation
  • The demonstrator, which will accelerate the deployment of new satellite communication and surveillance systems to improve the capacity, fluidity, efficiency and environmental friendliness of air transportation, was one of the highest-rated proposals in CINEA’s Intelligent Transport Call for Proposals
  • ECHOES allows for the continuation of investment to promote this pioneering satellite infrastructure within the framework of SESAR and its Digital European Sky research and innovation programme and will be a driving force for the Spanish and European aerospace sector, positioning it in a highly disruptive segment and boosting its competitiveness
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