Organisation Overview

ENAIRE is the leader in Spain in the provision of air navigation services and fourth provider of air traffic services in Europe by air traffic volume, at around two million flights every year.

ENAIRE, a public business entity belonging to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, is the sole air navigation manager in Spain approved for the provision of en-route and approach air traffic services.

We control an extensive and complex airspace of more than 2 million km2, including a continental area, in the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic archipelago, Ceuta and Melilla, and the Canary Islands.

As we are located geographically in the southwest of Europe, in addition to flights whose origin and destination are Spanish airports, we manage the flights which enter Europe from two continents, America and Africa, and cover the main entry route for air traffic from South America.

Thanks to ENAIRE every airline and their aircraft can fly safely, smoothly and in an orderly manner through Spanish airspace. In order to do so ENAIRE uses the following equipment items and facilities:

ENAIRE is at the cutting edge in research and technology in its sector worldwide and plays an outstanding and active role in all European Union projects to do with the Single European Sky.

ENAIRE has the following mission:

  • The planning, management, co-ordination, operating, preservation and administration of air traffic, telecommunications services and aeronautical information as well as infrastructures, facilities and communications networks for the air navigation system.
  • To ensure that the aircraft moving around Spanish airspace obtain the utmost security, fluidity, efficiency and punctuality.
  • To perform the preparation and approval of various types of project, as well as the implementation and management of investment control.
  • To evaluate the needs and proposals for new infrastructures, as well as possible modifications to airspace planning.
  • To carry out participation in specific aeronautical training and subject to the awarding of official licences.
Number of Control Towers Operated: 21
Number of Area Conrol Centres 5
Number of Radio navigation aids supporting en route and providing guidance at airports: 307307
Number of En route surveillance systems, in airport proximities and on the ground at aerodrome: 5454
Number of Communications centers: 130130
Number of Communications nodes for data transmissions: 100100
Number of Control tower and approach positions: 9494
Number of En route control positions: 118118
Number of employees: 3,9763,976
Number of ATCOs: 2,0102,010

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Enrique Maurer

Country: Spain

Telephone number: +34 900 929 220

E-mail: comunicacion@enaire.es

Head office:

Avda. Aragón, 330. Edificio 2 – P.E. Las Mercedes 28022 Madrid