Organisation overview

Startical will launch a constellation of satellites into orbit to improve air traffic management

  • We will deploy a constellation of small satellites that will provide surveillance and communication services, especially in remote areas and oceanic regions that are not currently covered by air navigation systems based on terrestrial infrastructures.
  • The technology solution proposed is a pioneer in the world, as it integrates the satellite surveillance function of the aircraft’s position with voice and data communication by radio between the controller and the pilot:
    • SPACE BASED CNS SERVICES FOR ATM: providing Global coverage of VHF AMS(S) Services & ADS-B.
    • Global VHF AMS(R) Services: Startical will provide VHF AMS(R) services all over the world, including oceanic and remote areas.
    • Global ADS-B Coverage: Startical will provide ADS-B services all over the world, including remote and oceanic areas.
  • Startical´s satellite platform will increase flight safety, capacity, efficiency, and punctuality, reducing global CO2 emissions by 13 million tons per year by 2030.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Managing Director: Mr. Juan Enrique González Laguna

Country: Spain

Telephone number: +34 629383568


Head office:

Avda. de Aragón s/n, Bloque 330, Portal 2 – Parque Empresarial Las Mercedes 28022 Madrid (Madrid)