Skyguide and Intersoft Electronics Services sign cooperation agreement for CNS Drone SkyRF


Skyguide, the Swiss Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), and Belgian Intersoft Electronics Services are combining their forces to develop and deliver performance measurements of CNS equipment by drone, for purchase or measurement as-a-service. CNS Drone SkyRF® supports commissioning, certification and maintenance of ILS, DME, TACAN, VOR, RADAR and PAPI/VASIS.

Götz Ardey, Domien De Ruyck, Klaus Meier and Thorsten Oelgart signing the Cooperation Agreement

An agreement between both parties has now been signed, leveraging the great synergies to satisfy the growing demand for our renowned CNS Drone SkyRF® solution worldwide. The two companies complement each other ideally: Skyguide with its renowned CNS expertise molded into the ILS DME Drone Checker, and VOR DME Drone Checker software, and Intersoft Electronics Group with decades of experience in the CNS domain.

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