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CANSO APAC Conference Needs You

Grab is a ride-hailing app widely used in Southeast Asia.  Recently, I was attending some meetings at a regional city, and I scheduled a ride in advance using Grab. To my disappointment, the driver cancelled the ride half …



The Asia Pacific ATM White Paper: A manifesto for regional ATM?  

Sichuan is known as a prosperous agricultural province of China, but this has not always been so. The Chengdu plain in Sichuan used to be plagued with floods and droughts. More than 2000 years ago, Li Bing, a local official built …



Kung Fu ATM: from Beijing dialogue to workgroups in Nanjing

Kung Fu is often taken to mean martial arts.  However, the literal translation of Kung Fu refers to any discipline or skill that requires hard work, patience, and dedication to master.  This description could not be more apt …



The Road to Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) in the Asia Pacific

Several ANSPs in the Asia Pacific, IATA, and CANSO are signing a Letter of Intent in Singapore for a TBO pathfinder project.  This reminded me of how the region first embarked on the collaborative multi-nodal ATFM concept.  TBO …



CANSO in Bali – Think, Love, Act 

Bali was the scene of a hive of CANSO activities from 10 to 13 July for the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2023, hosted by AirNav indonesia. The feedback from members confirmed the palpable buzz in the air.   THINK&…



Life beyond Covid for Asia Pacific’s Aviation industry: Think Global, Collaborate Regional, Accomplish Local

Last week, Alex Rickards and I had the pleasure of attending the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference in Goa, India under the banner of ‘Think Global, Collaborate Regional, Accomplish Local.’ Firstly, it was fantastic to see so many influential …


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