To70: Safety in the air begins with quality on the ground – ATM safety whitepaper


The ATM sector has an opportunity to identify and realise the benefits of the digital era within the delivery of traffic management services. The aviation system of tomorrow will look very different to today’s. The ATM sector will need to innovate to be relevant.

And while the fundamental purpose of an ANSP does not need to change, we have the opportunity to reimagine the services we provide and how we provide them to airspace users of today and tomorrow to help protect all those in the air and on the ground from harm.

The aviation industry is considered ultra-safe. However, accidents still occur that result in the loss of life. The total numbers of fatalities are considered low compared to other industries, but numbers alone do not help us understand the actual level of safety and what that means for tomorrow with any confidence.

In this White Paper To70 senior experts Huw Ross and Roger Dillon share their vision for the future of safety in ATM and how the ANSP community can contribute to the continual improvement of Flight Safety. They highlight that ‘safety is not something we do but rather an outcome of doing many different things well’  and reflect on what that means to our future approach to delivering traffic management services. They welcome you to read the White Paper and join the discussion.

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