Indra, the world’s most sustainable company in the technology sector, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index


Indra has become a world leader in sustainability in the Software and Services technology sector after obtaining the best overall score in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. Indra is the only company in the sector that has managed to remain in this benchmark global sustainability index for 16 consecutive years, one which is aspired to by more and more companies around the world and renewed each year with the addition of new and more demanding requirements.

The company has improved its overall rating, achieving significant increases in the scores of its environmental management policies and systems, an area in which it has made major undertakings in recent years, such as the UN climate change goals to reduce its energy consumption emissions by 50% by 2030 and become fully carbon neutral by 2050. Indra has also significantly improved its risk management and fiscal strategy scores.

The company leads its sector in the social and good governance dimensions, obtaining the highest possible ratings (100th percentile) in seven criteria: innovation management, privacy protection, social and environmental reporting, labor practices, institutional relations and fiscal strategy.

These excellent results are a major achievement, highlighting the efforts being made by the company to place sustainability at the center of its strategy and purpose so as to contribute to overcoming the challenges of sustainable development set out in the 2030 Agenda through technology, facilitate the transition towards a low carbon economy and enhance its positive impact on people and the planet. The creation of the Sustainability Committee on Indra’s Board of Directors in late 2019 and the 2020-2030 Sustainability Master Plan have been key to achieving this progress.

Being acknowledged as a leader in sustainability in the technology sector is also a reward for Indra’s efforts to continue improving its corporate governance and environmental commitment, as well as to transform its culture, placing people at the center of its strategy and promoting innovation, diversity, flexibility, training, professional development and regulatory compliance, among other goals. With regard to the environment and the fight against climate change, there are numerous examples of Indra’s solutions with an impact on areas such as sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, less polluting cities and environmental protection.

2,544 companies have applied to join the DJSI World in 2021, of which only 322 have succeeded in forming part of it. In the case of the technology sector, only 10 companies out of the 71 in the eligible universe are listed in the index, while, in the case of the 21 Spanish companies in the eligible universe, just 15 were finally accepted.