INAC of Venezuela joins CANSO


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CANSO is pleased to welcome the air navigation service provider of Venezuela, Instituto Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil (INAC), as its newest member.

INAC, through its Air Navigation Services Division, provides air traffic, meteorological, telecommunications, communications, aeronautical information, search and rescue, assistance to air navigation and surveillance services within the Flight Information Region (FIR) of Maiquetía (SVZM ), an area of ​​1,216,000 square km. INAC is autonomous and handles its own administrative and financial resources independently.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, INAC implemented vital direct routes within its FIR, allowing flight operators to save money and increase traffic capacity in the Maiquetía FIR, maintaining high levels of security.

INAC has participated as an active member and collaborator of CADENA, and has been closely committed to the CANSO community for several years.

“INAC takes safety very seriously and offers high-quality air navigation services. Being part of CANSO, working together with experts and innovators, and having unlimited access to everything that CANSO has to offer is an opportunity that we will use to its full potential to support and strengthen our organisation and services, as well as providing contributions to the region, “said MG Juan Manuel Teixeira. Days, President of INAC.

“I am very pleased to welcome INAC as a full member and part of the CANSO community for Latin America and the Caribbean. The INAC plays an important role in the provision of air traffic services in the region, and its membership drives CANSO’s collaborative efforts and enables the community to learn more and mutually benefit.” said CANSO Director General Simon Hocquard.

“CANSO takes a regional approach to implementing best practices and preparing our skies for the future. The common goal of our members to improve aviation performance is vital to economies and societies around the world,” he added.

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