FREQUENTIS signs agreement with Indra to digitalise the EUROCONTROL Integrated Network Management (iNM) system


Frequentis will partner with Indra for the development of the EUROCONTROL IntegratedOperational Airspace Data (iOAD) digital products. This agreement follows EUROCONTROL’s selection of Indra and its partners to perform the digital transformation of its operational systems.

The iNM programme will put a range of innovative digital products in place enabling EUROCONTROL to maximise efficiency, safety and sustainability. This programme will replace all current EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) operational systems with new digital products that harness big data, artificial intelligence/machine learning and cloud computing.

Developing the iNM digital products will be the responsibility of Indra and its partners and will result in a new digital architecture that will harness the power of innovation, enabling NM to deliver ever more integrated business services and products to its stakeholders.

“We are pleased to be supporting Indra with the digital development of EUROCONTROL systems. The digitalisation of air traffic management is essential to enable more efficient, and flexible services that support aviation’s safety and sustainability goals,” said Hannu Juurakko, Frequentis Vice President ATM Civil and Chairman of the ATM Executive Team.