ENAV engages radar service at Treviso airport


ENAV, the company responsible for the air traffic management in Italy, activated the radar surveillance system at the Antonio Canova airport – Treviso. Thanks to this new service, it will be possible to manage the volume of traffic expected to arrive and depart from the airport, thus improving the use of the airspace under the control tower’s responsibility, while maintaining safety and efficiency standards.

ENAV CEO Paolo Simioni said: “ENAV’s people and our technological capacity have made it possible to implement a strategic service for the growth of Treviso airport,
which as of today further raises its operating standards. We are convinced that our commitment will bring benefits to the territory and to the whole induced activities.”

Specifically, the air traffic control service at the airport will be provided with the aid of the Air Traffic Services (ATS) surveillance system, which allows air traffic controllers to observe aircraft operating in the immediate vicinity of the airport, not only through direct visual observation, but also through radar screens.

This implementation has been developed thanks to a new integrated system that acquires the radar data of the Padua Area Control Centre, making available all the
information regarding flight plans and radar surveillance.

In order to activate the “radar surveillance system”, the controllers employed at the airport have been professionalized through a specific training program. The
technological and technical aspects were handled by Techno Sky, an ENAV Group company.

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