Organisation Overview

ENAV is the Italian air navigation service provider, ensuring safety and reliability 24/7 for the 1.8 million flights handled yearly from the control towers of 45 airports and 4 Area control centres (Roma, Milano, Padua, Brindisi). With a workforce of 4,200, ENAV provides air navigation services to its numerous customers, the airlines that fly over Italian airspace.

ENAV also provides:

  • Air traffic services (ATS) including air traffic control service (ATC), flight information service (FIS) and alerting service (ALRS);
  • Aeronautical information service and related publications (AIS);
  • Meteorological services for air navigation (MET);
  • Communication, navigation, surveillance services (CNS);
  • Associated supporting services:
  • Airspace management, airspace design and air traffic capacity planning;
  • Flight procedures design and obstacle analysis;
  • ATM system definition, acquisition, operation and maintenance of operational infrastructures;
  • Flight inspection services of radio nav-aids, broadcasting and surveillance systems for Air Traffic Services;
  • Training of ATM personnel

Long considered among the European “big five” for operating performance and innovation, ENAV is a key part of the international air traffic management system. Research and development is essential to ENAV, which is why it works with national and international control bodies in the sector. The company is also a major player in the development of the Single European Sky (SES), that aims to harmonise air traffic management throughout the European Union, in order to strengthen continental air transportation safety and efficiency.

Number of Towers Operated45
Number of Area Control Centres:  44
Number of Employees4,200
Number of ATCOs1,900

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Pasqualino Monti

Country: Italy

Telephone number: +39 (06) 816 61

Fax number: +39 (06) 816 62 730

E-mail: comunicazione@enav.it

Head office:

Via Salaria, 716 00138 Rome