ENAIRE receives the EFQM 500 Seal for safe, efficient, innovative and sustainable management of air navigation services


Spain’s Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and ENAIRE’s President, Isabel Pardo de Vera, received the internationally recognised EFQM 500 Seal today at the Ministry’s headquarters, which was presented by the Club Excelencia en Gestión.

This three-year seal recognises ENAIRE’s provision of air navigation services that are safe, efficient, innovative and sustainable.

ENAIRE’s president noted that the implementation of an internationally renowned model of excellence in management will allow the organisation to safely continue with a transformation process that involves its employees and that will also be very important to its image abroad.

Isabel Pardo de Vera notes that “digitisation and technological advances are contributing to much more efficient and sustainable travel, and to keeping the sky increasingly clean”

Isabel Pardo de Vera highlighted that: “Digitisation and technological advances are contributing to much more efficient and sustainable travel, and to keeping the sky increasingly clean. Globalisation and gradual competition in the sector as part of implementing the Single Sky pose enormous challenges to a critical operator such as ENAIRE. It is not enough to understand the transformation; rather, we must seek excellence in that process.”

Ángel Luis Arias, ENAIRE’s CEO, emphasised that: “The path undertaken by the company, first with its 2020 Flight Plan and in the future with the 2025 Flight Plan, will steer the organisation toward creating and delivering value to stakeholders by developing the skills and talent of professionals, through innovation and by addressing the challenges that lie ahead, with safety as its highest priority”.

The Managing Director and CEO of the Club Excelencia en Gestión, Ignacio Babé, said: Tthanks to its firm commitment to continuous improvement and excellent, innovative and sustainable management,” ENAIRE obtained the EFQM 500 Seal in its first evaluation.  “Its commitment to transformation, through its 2025 Flight Plan, a strategic approach geared toward the future, positioning its stakeholders at the heart of its purpose, vision and strategy, as well as the flexibility and capacity demonstrated by the organisation to address environmental and industry challenges, are some of the keys to its success, and have made it worthy of this Seal.”

ENAIRE’s strengths

The report from the Club Excelencia en Gestión highlights a number of ENAIRE’s strengths. The Report shows that ENAIRE is undertaking initiatives to grow, generating the necessary technological advances through alliances such as CRIDA (research, development and innovation) and STARTICAL (constellation of satellites for air navigation), and in collaboration with Aena, as well as by participating in projects such as SESAR and allocating the corresponding investments.

Another aspect that made ENAIRE worthy of the EFQM 500 Seal is making safety its primary concern. Specifically, the Club Excelencia en Gestión points out that the company provides its air navigation services in Spanish airspace in a way that is smooth, safe and efficient, in keeping with its quality, environmental, health and safety, and information security systems, which underscores ENAIRE’s status as an air navigation service/function organisation and as an organisation for training air traffic controllers and technical and management personnel, through its Campus.

It also notes that it has solid structures for monitoring and tracking traffic, with indicators and proposals for improvement.

In addition, the Report emphasises the importance of having its stakeholders at the heart of the company’s purpose, vision and strategy. In this regard, the recognition accentuates how ENAIRE has clearly conveyed its purpose with a solid approach (taking care of your flight) and the vision of the future it wants to adopt (be a leading global operator in the air navigation sector).

Finally, it indicates that the organisation’s capacity is as important as its services. This translates into its capacity to undertake the 2025 Flight Plan, which is made possible by several drivers, such as the internal talent it has available to take on new challenges, its recognition outside Spain, its experience in services and its financial ability to carry out investments.

Beyond the strengths that have made ENAIRE a worthy recipient of this Seal, the recognition also includes a series of opportunities for improvement so that the company can continue to work on and advance towards excellence.