ENAIRE implements CPDLC Cockpit solution by Skyguide


ENAIRE, the Spanish air navigation service provider, is installing a data link monitoring system from Skyguide to record all CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) messages exchanged between pilots and ENAIRE’s air traffic controllers. Developed by Skyguide engineers, the innovative real-time web-based CPDLC cockpit solution consists of pre-configured VDL2 monitoring stations, ASTERIX and CPDLC decoders with powerful Airtel ATN decoding software and customizable dashboards.

CPDLC is a two-way data link system that allows air traffic controllers to deliver non-urgent strategic messages to an aircraft as an alternative to voice communications. The message is displayed in the cockpit on a flight deck display. The CPDLC application provides air-to-ground data communications for the air traffic control service.

ENAIRE tested a prototype of the CPDLC Cockpit in a first phase to analyze the functionalities, flexibility and usefulness of this VDL2 surveillance tool. The Spanish air navigation service provider decided to implement Skyguide’s solution based on a market analysis carried out to compare the different ATN VDL2 surveillance solutions available on the European market.

The VDL2 decoders will be installed at various radio stations throughout Spain, mainly at airports but also at some nearby locations. In addition, the ASTERIX and CPDLC decoders provided will record the ADS-B station data flow as well as the ATN data flow into and out of ENAIRE controlled airspace. These decoders will be installed at ENAIRE’s centralized services in the Area Control Center (ACC) in Madrid, along with the rest of ENAIRE’s centralized data link infrastructure. The CPDLC data flow is displayed on dashboards that can be accessed from any PC within ENAIRE’s corporate IT network.

With this innovative solution, Skyguide offers a turnkey solution fully compliant with the European Regulation IR29/2009, modified by several amendments (EU 2015/310, EU 2019/1070 and EU 2020/208) and defining the criteria for the implementation of the data link system. This regulation requires air navigation service providers to monitor the quality of communication services and verify the level of performance defined for the operation of the datalink service.