NAV Portugal adds Space-Based ADS-B data to its Air Traffic Control Centre’s operations in Santa Maria


On 14 June, NAV Portugal started the operational usage of Space-Based ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) real time data, broadcast by every equipped aircraft and detected by Iridium’s global constellation of 66 satellites. Our business partner Aireon LLC forwards ADS-B data to NAV Portugal’s Oceanic Control Center (“OCC”) for processing in Santa Maria’s FIR (Flight Information Region), through its integration on this OCC’s Air Traffic Control System.

For the first time, a complete visibility of air traffic, based on surveillance information exists in Santa Maria FIR. Our Santa Maria FIR covers a total area of more than 5.1 million square kilometers, includes the Santa Maria OCC and the Control Towers of the airports from the Azores archipelago, being a busy FIR mainly for overflight traffic between Europe, North Africa, and the North, Central and South Americas.

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