ENAIRE and EASA meet to share ENAIRE’s technological projects and enhance cooperation


ENAIRE and the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, have held a strategic bilateral meeting to share ENAIRE’s technological and innovation projects, such as the development and implementation in Spain of the U-space, the European concept for the automated management of drone operations based on a set of digitized services; the initiative of the entity recently constituted by ENAIRE and INDRA, Startical, for the provision of ADS-B surveillance satellite services and VHF communications and data that will allow levels of service provision in oceanic and remote areas similar to the continental one based on the concept of “new space”; the recategorization of turbulent wake separation (RECAT), among others, and enhance cooperation between the two entities.

The Executive Director of EASA, Patrick Ky, the head of the drone program, María Algar and the head of the air traffic department, Jussi Myllarniemi have had the opportunity to learn about the projects that ENAIRE is carrying out from the hand of its CEO , Ángel Luis Arias; the Director of Air Navigation Services, Enrique Maurer, the Director of Business Development, Mariluz de Mateo, and the Head of the Safety, Quality and Environment Division, Santiago Cortés.

The meeting allowed ENAIRE to share with EASA the advances in matters of security, U-space, deployment of satellite surveillance and communications services through the deployment of a satellite constellation (Startical), and address system certifications, key issues for the future. of air traffic management in Europe, as well as the main challenges of the entity, among them, the following stand out:

Development and deployment of a U-space platform that will allow ENAIRE, at the national level, to facilitate and deploy the provision of U-space services for the automated and digital management of drone operations beyond the scope of sight, in specific reserved spaces called “U-space airspace”, when the European U-space Regulation enters into force in January 2023. ENAIRE will be, as a provider of common information services (CIS) , the sole information facilitator and operational data, and interface between conventional air traffic service providers and U-Space operators.

Presentation of Startical , the joint venture of ENAIRE and Indra to provide services to the global community of air traffic systems, by combining surveillance and communications through the deployment of a constellation of nanosatellites, as a certified solution to provide coverage in regions oceanic and remote areas and complement and contingency in continental areas, which will not require any changes in the avionics or in the existing infrastructures of the providers of air navigation services.

Improvements in the ATM air traffic management system, such as the recategorization of wake turbulent separation (RECAT) between consecutive aircraft, which will increase operational efficiency.

Other issues addressed have been changes in the assessment of security risks, certification of air traffic management equipment and training and licenses of air traffic controllers.

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