London Heathrow goes operational with indra’s latest generation A-SMGCS


NATS’ air traffic controllers at London Heathrow have started using Indra’s latest generation system for Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control (A-SMGCS); InNOVA Ground.

With the upgrade, the A-SMGCS and the tower displays have been merged into a single integrated system, improving operational efficiency and reducing the need for maintenance. Furthermore, the A-SMGCS includes new generation hardware and radar extractors. The software is improved with better tracking and new display features.

The new processing functions within the system have increased the sensor coverage on the runways to over 95%, while at the same time the number of false alerts provided to controllers have been reduced. The system is also capable of expansion with SESAR functionality such as advanced ground safety nets and integration with other tower functions.

NATS Director of Supply Chain Tim Bullock said: “I’m delighted that Indra have once again delivered successfully, demonstrating the extent to which our strategic partnership is able to benefit NATS and its own customers.”

London Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe according to ACI, with an average of more than 1300 flights per day passing by the airport’s two runways.

“London Heathrow operates at over 98% capacity, which is truly impressive. We are proud to be repeatedly trusted by NATS to deliver one of the systems enabling them to achieve this”, comments Elin Blakstad, Tower Director at Indra. “Working with them is inspiring and drives innovation.”

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