ATM and airports join forces to reduce aviation noise and emissions


The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) and Airports Council International (ACI) have partnered to launch new guidance material for reducing aviation noise and emissions.

CANSO and ACI, in collaboration with aviation industry partners, have worked to identify opportunities to enhance operational efficiency and capacity while maintaining the highest level of safety. New guidance material developed by CANSO’s Performance Based Navigation Workgroup and international contributors from ACI brings together extensive expertise and experience from across the industry, and explores the role of operational improvements like performance-based navigation in reducing aircraft noise and emissions.

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) is a concept that enhances aircraft routing and procedures using an advanced, satellite-enabled form of air navigation to enable aircraft to fly a precise vertical and lateral flight path. This offers a number of operational benefits including enhanced safety, increased efficiency and reduced cost. The CANSO/ACI best practice also demonstrates how it can contribute to the reduction of aircraft emissions and concentration of aircraft noise, making it vital for managing aviation’s potential impact on communities.

The new CANSO/ACI guidance material, Use of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) For Noise Management, provides the aviation industry and States with insight into how PBN can boost the sustainability of aviation, strategies for implementation and recent case studies on it being used as an effective noise mitigation technique. The guidance is also applicable to non-PBN influenced flight path changes, and highlights the important role of stakeholder consultation and collaboration in improving aviation.

CANSO Director General, Simon Hocquard, said: “Managing aviation-related noise and emissions is a complex issue and requires the whole aviation industry to work together to improve performance, from aircraft design, trajectory and speed, to optimal flight routing and seamless ground-to-air operations. For its part, ATM is helping to optimise the use of airspace and ensure safe, efficient and effective airborne operations by championing the latest best practice and technologies. CANSO is honoured to work alongside ACI in determining how ANSPs can further support efficient operations for airports, airline operators and States, and ensure we are socially and environmentally responsible in everything we do”.

ACI World Director General Angela Gittens, said: “If our industry is to grow while continuing to manage and minimise its impact then effective collaboration and stakeholder engagement is key. ACI welcomed the opportunity to work with CANSO on creating guidance for our members in implementing measures to improve efficiency and safety while also reducing aviation-related noise and emissions – and, importantly, creating dialogue with the noise-affected communities surrounding our airports to explain those improvements.”

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