Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC to enter CANSO GreenATM Environmental Accreditation Programme


“Azeraeronavigation” Air Traffic Department (AZANS) of Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) CJSC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding indicating its intent to become a member of CANSO’s GreenATM accreditation programme, which aims to enhance environmental responsibility across the aviation industry. The organisation will now pursue accreditation on the programme to showcase their commitment to sustainability.

The signing ceremony for the entry into the GreenATM programme was attended by Samir Rzayev, AZAL President, and Simon Hocquard, CANSO Director General.

This significant initiative was undertaken during the CANSO 2024 Global ATM Summit and 28th Annual General Meeting, held in Baku from June 11 to 13.

The CANSO GreenATM programme offers air navigation service providers internationally recognised accreditation for their environmental initiatives. It evaluates the ANSP’s environmental impact and efforts to reduce emissions. The accreditation process evaluates various aspects, including aircraft operations on the ground, in the aerodrome area, and along the flight route, as well as infrastructure. Assessment is performed across five levels within the programme, indicating the effectiveness of environmental protection measures.

“Our participation in this programme underscores our commitment to mitigating aviation’s environmental impact in Azerbaijan. We anticipate the positive outcomes that accreditation will yield for our operations and the broader community. This noteworthy accomplishment precedes the COP29 summit scheduled to take place in Baku in November 2024,” remarked AZAL President Samir Rzayev at the signing ceremony.

By adopting the GreenATM concept, Azeraeronavigation ATD strives to set an example, fostering discussions on sustainable development and inspiring other stakeholders in the aviation industry to adopt similar initiatives.

“We extend our gratitude to Azeraeronavigation ATD and Azerbaijan Airlines for their proactive participation in the CANSO GreenATM programme. Their commitment marks a pivotal stride toward realising a more sustainable future for global air traffic management,” remarked Simon Hocquard during his address.

In the global effort to address climate change, AZANS’ commitment to the CANSO GreenATM programme underscores the aviation industry’s pivotal contribution to global sustainability objectives.

This initiative not only advances environmental protection but also establishes a robust precedent for future collaborative endeavours in sustainable air traffic management.