Registration for the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2024 now open


Registration for the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2024 is now open and CANSO Members from the region and beyond are invited to come and shape the future of air traffic management in the region.

Hosted by Air Traffic Management Bureau, CAAC (ATMB), the conference takes place from 8-11 July at the JinJiang Hotel in Chengdu, China.

This year’s conference has the theme ‘Taking bold actions for regional ATM through digital solutions.’

In a note to CANSO Members, Poh Theen Soh, CANSO’s Director Regional Affairs, Asia Pacific, said: “Following the successful discussions held last year in Bali, Indonesia, the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2024 will focus on the recommendations published in the Asia Pacific ATM White Paper earlier this year.

“This paper was produced by CANSO and Think Research to help Asia Pacific Full Members quicken the pace of ATM modernisation by leveraging digital solutions and new opportunities for collaboration.”

The conference will include two key focus areas, namely the Asia Pacific ATM White Paper from both the technology and the operations’ perspectives.

Among the range of subjects to be discussed are:

  • The benefits of digital solutions such as managed services
  • Examples of industry facilitating sharing
  • The potential for greater use of virtualisation
  • The readiness of regional ANSPs to meet requirements of the Asia Pacific Seamless ANS Plan and advanced requirements like SWIM, FF-ICE, TBO
  • The implications of gaps between air traffic demands and capacity, and the possibility of widening gaps between regions
  • The readiness of ANSPs to accept new procurement methods such as that conductd for the Common Aeronautical VPN

Poh Theen added: “The CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2024 is the year’s most anticipated event for CANSO Asia Pacific Full Members and other Full and Associate Members around the world.  

“As ever with our conferences, the active participation of colleagues from across the region and beyond will make a real difference to ATM in the region.”